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Section 1: Time Periods


Apostolic Era · Pre-Nicene Christianity · Post-Nicene Christianity · Early Medieval Christianity · Late Medieval Christianity · The Reformation · Modern Christianity

Pre-Nicene Era

General History
Early Christian Writings
Roman Catholic/Orthodox/Protestant Controversies

Nicene Era

General History
Council of Nicea Pages
  • Council of Nicea, p. 1
  • Council of Nicea, p. 2
  • Council of Nicea, p. 3
  • Council of Nicea, p. 4
  • The Nicene Creed
  • Nicea's Trinity
  • Trinity Pages
  • Outline of Nicea's Trinity Doctrine
  • Nicea's Trinity
  • A Definition of the Trinity
  • Jesus as the Logos
  • Homoousios: One Substance
  • Is the Nicene Trinity Heretical?
  • Did the Nicene Trinity Develop Over Time?
  • The Athanasian Creed
  • Two Gods?
  • What Is Orthodoxy?
  • Controversial Pages

    Medieval Christianity

    General History
    Roman Catholic History

    The Reformation

    The Radical Reformation
    Protestant Doctrines



    Catholics & Orthodox

    General History
    Roman Catholic Church
    Eastern Orthodox Churches
    Oriental Orthodox Churches
    • Still to come

    Section 2: Specific Topics



    History of the Bible



    • There are too many quote pages to list here. I have categorized them by topic at Christian Quotes.

    Questions & Answers


    Defending Early Christianity
    Faith and Works
  • Sola Fide
  • Not by Faith Alone
  • Works and Judgment
  • Faith vs. Works Quotes
  • My Interests and Me:

    About Me · My Stories · The Church and the Purpose of God · The Church as the Pillar and Support of the Truth · Angels of the Seven Churches · (Dis-)Honest Bible Translation · Orthodox Christianity · Parenting Advice · What Are Seraphim? · Steve Saint Missionary Advice · What is the Gospel?

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