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Christian Poems

At the moment, all the Christian poems on this page are written by me. I wish I had some of my favorites that I wrote in my 20's, but I don't.

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Also, I put Justin Martyr's incredible tribute to the Logos, from Discourse to the Greeks chapter 5, into poem form as well.

Learning to Fly

by Paul Pavao

It's time to leave the bonds of earth
And soar the heavens high
To have the joys that only come
To those who've learned to fly

I lift a song in praise to him who's God alone
Then latch on by his grace as it rises to his throne
I swing along from song to song beholding as I do
The earth and all its merriments retreating from my view

Eventually the songs will come into an awesome place
Where even flight is left behind; we all regard God's face
There you stand on solid ground, pale yet full of hue
There even dragons fly and sing, and angels call him true

You'll never be alone again, if you've flown in those skies
You'll always know the wheres and whats, and not care 'bout the whys
A song that's spun by two or more is stronger than by one
And soon, when we have sung enough, we'll even bring the Son.

To My Wife

by Paul Pavao

The stars are jewels of colored light
When brightened by a moonless night
Trees rise majestic in sundry greens
When clothed with the new life of spring
The fields of snow, though trees be droll
Cleanse, make pure the human soul
And leaves enthrall, clothed with fire
When autumn feels the winter's ire
But all God's works, his finger drew
Pale when they're compared with you.

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