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My (Paul Pavao's) books are packed with primary sources. This means that when I write a book like Rome's Audacious Claim, I have read Eusebius' Church History, written in AD 323, and the letter exchanges between Rome and Cyprian of Carthage in the 250s. The quotes I use are in context because I have read the letters and know the history.

All of my writings, the pages on this site, the books I have written, and the books I have published for others, are based on real history, provide in-context citations, and defend the faith once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3).

We put history's most interesting stories and important facts in your hands, so you can read original documents yourself, and base you faith in the Truth that is Jesus the Christ.

  • Decoding Nicea: This is the best seller of all my books and has 51 reviews on Amazon. As you might guess, it is about the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325.
  • Rome's Audacious Claim: This is my most recent published book. It refutes the arguments of Roman Catholic apologists like Jimmy Akin, Stephen Ray, and Scott Hahn. To refute them, I simply give the true history of the bishops of Rome, mostly using the words of their contemporaries. I also really enjoyed finding out that both the Vatican and the US Conference of Catholic Bishops have admitted that the history behind their claims about the pope at Vatican I and II is suspect.
  • Rebuilding the Foundations: This is not officially published yet, but since I am going to give the PDF away free, you can download it at the link already. It is on its second edit.
  • Apostles Gospel: This book simply outlines and explains the Gospel as the apostle preached it in the book of Acts. Typically, evangelicals get their Gospel preaching from the epistles, which were written to the churches. Only in Acts do we find the apostles preaching the Gospel of Christ to the lost, and they do it differently than we evangelicals do.
  • Grace: Evangelicals tend to confuse grace and mercy. Grace is much more than mercy.
  • Forgotten Gospel: This was written by Matthew Bryan. It is not just another book on the Kingdom Gospel, but a careful analysis that gives the foundation of the Gospel of the Kingdom in the Old Testament. He also traces history to explain how we forgot this Gospel.
  • Slavery During the Revolutionary War: This was written by my daughter-in-law, Esther. She did so much research for our web page on the founding fathers and slavery that I made her write multiple web pages and a small book. This is an excellent summary of who really believed that all men were created equal and who thought some men ought to be slaves. The book names names, quotes contemporaries, and makes you feel like you were there.
  • The Promise: Sadly, I have had a hard time selling this fantastic rendition of the story of Jesus' birth from the eyes of his teenage, pregnant, unmarried Jewish mother. I have read it several times and cried every time. Please buy this book!
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