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Why You Should Read
Forgotten Gospel

My (Paul Pavao's, webmaster) own company, Greatest Stories Ever Told, published Forgotten Gospel because of its compelling presentation, from both Scripture and history, of the Kingdom Gospel. I have seen no other book that so solidly grounds the Kingdom Gospel in Old Testament scripture. This book will infuse the reader with confidence in his or her own ability to express the Gospel in the simple, clear words of Jesus and his apostles.

What Others Say

"Most surprising—and pleasing—is Bryan’s consistent reliance on the history of the Church. On numerous occasions he cites Clement of Rome, Justin Martyr, Ignatius of Antioch, and Thomas Aquinas. He also does an admirable job tracing the history of gospel proclamation through the first fifteen hundred years of the Church, where he considers the writings of Clement of Rome, Clement of Alexandria, Origen of Alexandria, Eusebius of Caesarea, Augustine of Hippo, Anselm of Canterbury, and Thomas Aquinas. These citations situate Bryan’s presentation as not just another Protestant innovation, but as a return to an earlier understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus."--Jacob Prahlow

"One of the most important books I've read in the last 30 years."--Mike Smith, lead pastor, Victory Church in West Memphis, AR

"I'm excited about the implications of the gospel of the kingdom and have challenged many to wrestle with Bryan's claims."--Paul Dyar, Territorial Overseer, Church of God (Cleveland, TN)

Why You Should Read Forgotten Gospel

  • The subject of this book is the Gospel! Surely this is the most important topic in Christianity, and Matthew Bryan establishes that Gospel solidly from Scripture and proves his point from history.
  • The book is a page-turner. Matthew wrote this book for the average Christian, not for scholars, and he keeps it interesting.
  • Forgotten Gospel explains Old Testament thought about the Messiah better than any book I (Paul Pavao, web master) have ever read. 

Where to Buy the Book

You can buy Forgotten Gospel at Amazon or Barnes & Nobles. Both of them discount the book on an irregular basis. gets no commission from either link.

Where to Go from Here

This site emphasizes Pre-Nicene Christianity, but I do have a somewhat thorough section on the Reformation. Both of those have a number of links to brief biographies of important figures. My best page on Roman Catholicism is on the origin of the papacy. I also put a lot of effort into the quote section

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