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Quotes About Love

Quotes about love from throughout Christian History.

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Come Rack Come Rope by BensonCome Rack Come Rope by Benson

Clement of Rome, AD 95-96

Let him who has love in Christ keep the commandments of Christ. Who can describe the bond of the love of God? What man is able to tell the excellence of its beauty, as it ought to be told? The height to which love exalts is unspeakable. Love unites us to God. Love covers a multitude of sins [Jas. 5:20; 1 Pet. 4:8]. Love bears all things, is patient in all things [1 Cor. 13:4,7]. There is nothing base, nothing arrogant in love. Love admits no schisms; love gives rise to no seditions. Love does all things in harmony. By love have all the elect of God been made perfect. Without love nothing is well-pleasing to God. In love has the Lord taken us to himself. On account of the love he bore for us, Jesus Christ our Lord gave his blood for us by the will of God, his flesh for our flesh, and his soul for our souls. (1 Clement 49)

Clement of Alexandria, c. AD 190

He then is first who loves Christ; and second, he who loves and cares for those who have believed on Him. For whatever is done to a disciple, the Lord accepts as done to Himself. (Who Is the Rich Man Who Will Be Saved 30)

Polycarp, AD 120-165

If you study [Paul's letter to the Philippians], you will it find it to be the way to build you up in the faith you have been given, which—when it is followed by hope and preceded by love towards God, Christ, and our neighbor—is the mother of us all. For if anyone has these graces inside and is moved by them, he has fulfilled the command of righteousness, since the one that has love is far from all sin. (Letter to the Philippians 3)

Martin Luther, c. 1520

True love is not influenced by the closeness of the friend, by the advantage of his favors, or by the standing of his connections; nor is it influenced by the perverseness of an enemy. It abhors evil, and censures it or flees from it, whether in father or mother, brother or sister, or in any other. ("Second Sunday after Epiphany" from Complete Sermons of Martin Luther, vol. IV [Grand Rapids, MI:BakerBooks, 2007] p. 36)

Real, true love … cleaves to the good, even though found in the worst enemy, and though directly opposing love's desire. Love is no respecter of persons. It is not intimidated by the possible danger its expression might incur. (ibid.)

C.S. Lewis, d. 1963

Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness. (unknown)

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