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Quotes About Christian Employees

Quotes about Christian employees from throughout Christian History.

Most of these quotes refer to masters, lords, servants, and slaves. Many slaves of the Christian era have been indentured servants who enslaved themselves to get out of debt or to relieve poverty. Others were descendants of generations of slaves.

Such servants were usually not wickedly mistreated like the Africans enslaved on the plantations by European colonists. They were a lot more like employees than what we think of as slaves, and the admonitions that Christians gave to both servants and masters certainly apply to Christian employers and employees today.

As a result, the following quotes do not imply an endorsement of slavery by me nor by the Christians who produced the quotes. Even if slaves are treated well, that does not justify the practice of stealing people from their homelands or of removing all hope of freedom from people who lost a war.

Pseudo-Barnabas, A.D. 80-130

You shall be subject to the Lord, and to masters as the image of God, with modesty and fear. You shall not issue orders with bitterness to your maidservant or your manservant, who trust in the same God, so that you do not fail to reverence that God who is above both. For he came to call men, not according to outward appearance, but in whichever way the Spirit has prepared them. (Letter of Barnabas 19)

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