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There's positive and negative on this page. You may really enjoy some of this.

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I've gotten some very, very encouraging emails over the last few months, so please forgive me for beginning with several straight positive quotes.

My Favorite One
Except Maybe the One on the Home Page

I have been looking through your site and I am in love. … 

My grandparents were missionaries for 25 years in Europe. I've seen a lot and history has always intrigued me. … I cannot explain this other than by saying that everything you wrote was as if it were my deepest thoughts being thrown down on paper!!!

Thank you so much.  I believe that what you have wrote here confirms so many things that I feel deep down.

From a College Bible Study Teacher

I won't lie; your website has taught me much more than any Bible study or message I've actually heard in real life, and it answered a lot of questions I've always had. Your explanation of the Trinity helped me to figure out the question I have had for a while: Why ... does John call Jesus the Word?

... You helped me understand whether salvation is by faith alone or we need more (the answer: Both!)

More importantly than anything else, though, you have made me realize the importance of fruit in our life. ... When Jesus says he wants us to surpass the righteousness of the Pharisees, well, he really means it! (Unfortunately, not everyone I have shared this information with liked it very much.)

From ... Who Knows?

Your page on baptism is absurd as are almost all of your-both sides of the fence-feeble attempts at theology in all your writings. ... You sound like the present antipopes and freemasons of Vatican II ... You can't have it both ways as you try and please "everyman" but definetely do not please God. You are simply a heretic and as most heretics, almost everyman alive, you use scripture to your own advantage but teach nothing. ...

It is extremely difficult to get to heaven and few attain it (1 or 2 of every 100,000 who die daily at most. Most Catholics (only people who are Christians) do not. No Protestants, Orthodox, Pagans, Jews, Heretics, ! Schismatics (you are both of these last) are in heaven.

Almost as ridiculous as your baptism segment is your segment absolving Martin Luther ... May you come out of your two faced personality and practice the "Faith".

From a Wesleyan Episcopal Bishop

[My note: I admit being deeply flattered by this.]

Your site is great. You are the best example for the position that a formal seminary education is not always necessary, and perhaps [not] the best route to ministry.

I'm Glad There's Others Like Me

"I just wanted to say thanks for your page. I have, for so long, felt "weird" in my beliefs but you have let me know there are others who believe like I do and have the Word of God as their authority."

From a Mormon???
Can This Be Good?

"I just stumbled upon your excellent website, via something regarding cults. … I'm very impressed with your outstanding knowledge of Christian history, which I've studied ever since first doing so in college. … whether you're a Baptist, Mormon or whatever, I'll enjoy continuing to read more of your site and updates."

From an Offended Roman Catholic

Dear Paul,

After reflection upon your statements and your chaotic and selective exegesis of  [the church fathers] and your denial of the clear meaning of the Scriptures regarding the Church's nature. … I am totally convinced that your positions are heretical and unbiblical.

My hope is that there are emotional problems or traumas which mitigate to a minimum your culpability.  … Numerous other things also convince me that you are heretical, such as your blind and imbalanced attacks on the Catholic Church …

I am willing to write you again once you have admitted your sin, renounced your gnosticism, and returned to Communion with the Biblical and historical Church.  I will pray for you that the Blessed Mother and the saints will assist you in coming home.

From a More Reasonable Roman Catholic

I first want to express is my profound respect for your commitment to finding the truth and your honesty. Those commitments really shine through your writing, and in this respect, your work is a valuable model for my own. We can both be encouraged by our Lord's saying that all who seek, find.

From a Former Roman Catholic Turned Protestant

Your theology and personal views are not conducive to what true Christianity is all about! I decided not to read them anymore. I wish you can find humility of heart someday!

On the Fall of Rome

"I'm writing to say that I greatly appreciated your piece on the fall of Rome and the antichrist.  Not only did I just finish the rise of Christianity and the fall of Rome with my 6th grade students, but a few other believers, and I have just begun a bible study on the end-times. … Your piece has given me some very good food for thought here."

I wish I had read this before I had to answer the same question [how to reconcile Romans 3:28 and James 2:24]for a class I took in seminary. BTW your explanation is better than my professor's explanation.

On the Logos of God

"Thank you. I looked through many sites for a clear description of what logos actually meant and why Christ is the Logos."

My newest book, Rome's Audacious Claim, was released December 1. See synopsis and reviews on Amazon.


Woe to you when all men speak well of you … 

– Jesus Christ

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