Christian History Videos and Teachings
by Paul Pavao

These Christian history videos cover topics crucial to those who want to know how we got from the beliefs and practices of the apostles found in the New Testament to the Christianity that we see around us today.

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I hope that above all you learn how to seek the truth, for at the end of every true search is Jesus Christ, who is the truth.

You might want to take note of the short, challenging videos that I call The Leukemia Tapes for reasons that will be obvious once you've seen one.

Podcasts are listed, appropriately, on the Christian Podcasts page.

Christian History Videos

Authority of the Apostles

I separated this one because it got a video response.

The Leukemia Tapes:
Christian History and Current Issues

These Leukemia Tapes, so called because I taped them while being treated for acute leukemia at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tn, are all meant to be under 3 minutes long, though there are a minority that creep up to or just past 4 minutes.

On a lighter note, you may enjoy noting the transformation from salt-and-pepper to black hair as my white hair fell out before the dark. The last few tapes are bald-headed. I shaved my head once the dark hair began following the white hair onto my pillow, into my mouth, and down the shower drain.

Christian History Videos Addressing the Claims of the Roman Catholic Church

Apostolic Succession

These Christian history videos on the claims of Roman Catholicism are long. They are less than an hour each, though, and I believe they are the clearest teaching available on the subject. They are in-depth enough to teach you how to know for yourself what the early churches were like, but they are short enough to remain interesting.

Those who feel compelled by doctrine to join a church with apostolic succession, such as the Roman Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Churches, need to be exposed to these facts.

If you would rather read this information, see my quote page on apostolic succession and Is the Roman Catholic Church the One True Church?

As things are currently, Roman Catholic theologians misquote and misconstrue the passages in the early Christian writings (second and third century) that address the subject of apostolic succession. Non-catholics object to the Catholic interpretation, but not by becoming familiar with what the early Christians actually said. Instead, they argue that the early Christians don't matter.

Sometimes this argument that the early Christians don't matter is not based on fear of the Roman Catholic version of history, but on the fact that the teachings held by the apostolic churches contradict a lot of evangelical theology. Evangelicals—too often without any concern—have lost much of "the faith once delivered to the saints" (Jude 1:3).

As a result, most Christians don't realize that the early churches taught nothing resembling the Roman Catholic version of apostolic succession. That's not difficult to prove, given the time to explain things, but as far as I know there is very little besides my videos here pointing that out!

Since writing this introduction, I found a great book by an honest historian, who teaches at Notre Dame University, backing up much of what I say about apostolic succession is second century Christianity. You will find quotes and references here.

Apostolic Succession

Papal Primacy: Was There a Pope in the Second Century?

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