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Christian History for Everyman

Christian history is, by definition, the most exciting stories and interesting facts of all time.

Everyman … is you!

Paul Pavao, webmaster

Paul Pavao, webmaster

There was a time, long ago, when the storyteller was the most beloved man in the village. Children huddled around the fire in the evening, shivering not just from the cold, but from excitement.

"Grandfather, tell us about the time … !"

That is Christian history.

It was an abominable turn of events that took the world's most exciting stories and tastiest tidbits of information—for those are what Christian history is—and locked them up in the dry and dusty halls of academia.

Christian History for Everyman has taken them back for you!

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This is NOT an alternative history site.

Everything you will read on this site is mainline Christian history, well-researched, and in line with current scholarship.

If the scholars don't know about it, it probably isn't true.

This site's just a lot less boring than seminary!


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From a Seminary-Educated Reader

As a layman you have provided a service to the Church beyond anything I have found including seminarians and PHD professors and writers of systematic theologies.

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From a Wesleyan Episcopal Bishop

Your site is great. You are the best example for the position that a formal seminary education is not always necessary, and perhaps not the best route to ministry.

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From a Pastor-Missionary

I learned more in a 5 hour ride on a bumpy road from you ... than I was ever taught in Bible school or the many years I've been involved in traditional "ministry." I will never forget that ride from Nakuru to Kissi.

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