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I was baptised in the Catholic Church

by Lorraine

Hi Everyone, my name is lorraine, I'm From ireland.

I Don't agree on the catholic Church as an organisation, its all built on lies, and uses Gods name for Money, Greed, and they Molest Children. (plenty of those stories here in Ireland)

I wasn't brought up to go to Mass on a Sunday or any day for that matter, my Uncle used to bring me to Mass on Sundays and other holy days, i didnt like the Church at all...

I had a baby Die in 1999 and it made me hate God, a few years later my Brother died and 6months after my father.

I felt Lost and it was spiritual help I needed nothing else.

A friend of my husbands, gave him a bible for me, i laughed and through it to the side, later i flicked through it, i didnt understand how to read it let alone how to interpet it.

Now 8 years later, I read the bible and i pray, I've just finished my three day fast, and it was great!

I really want and need to understand, how to start keeping Gods Commandments of the Sabbath etc, Ive read up on a Jewish Site, and i was truely over my head.

I'm just searching at the moment trying to understand what exactly have i to do to keep the sabbath.

Does it start sunset on the friday to the Sunset of Saturday evening, i know i cannot light a fire in my home on the sabbath, but what if visitors call, what if one of my children are sick and need a doctor?

I'm sorry for all the questions, but there isnt anything on the Web unless i was jewish.
Im Just Gods Child, Im lost but i am trying to start doing it right.

Thank you for reading....

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Aug 19, 2011
The Sabbath and the Apostles' Teaching
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

There's a very recent tradition that Christians ought to keep the Jewish Sabbath. The churches the apostles started took a very different view, however, and I believe a much more Scriptural one.

At the bottom of every one of these comment pages is a link to send you back to That link explains the early Christian view of the Sabbath.

It appears from your post that you haven't seen that yet.

The Sabbath page is understood better when it's combined with the page on the Law of Moses at

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