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A Weak Arguement My Brother

by Brad

The Sabbath is not a Jewish Institution. Marriage and the Sabbath was given to man before sin had entered the world. The 10 commandments were written by God's finger in stone. The 4th commandment begins with the word remember. Remember the sabbath day to keep it holy.Remember what? Remember when God rested after the six day and declared it holy. With something as important as the sabbath. If it was to be changed, Jesus would have told us so. God Bless, Brother Brad

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Mar 15, 2012
Response to Weak Arguement
by: Anonymous

From Genesis, you cannot make an arguement that the Sabbath observence was given as a command. The first record occurrence of the Sabbath observence is given in Exodus in regards to gathering twice the amount of manna on the sixth day, because the manna would not fall on the seventh day. Then, the ten commandments are given in Exodus 20. I believe it is doubtful, that Adam and Eve needed to keep the Sabbath before the fall of man, since they had perfect communion with God. Therefore, my advice would to be careful with this arguement, Sabbath keeping can only be traced to Exodus at the earilest. Of course you can state that people like Abraham are said to have kept the law of God, but the Sabbath is not explicitly stated. If the Sabbath was known, then why would they need God to tell them to collect twice as much manna on the sixth day?

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