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Proverbs maybe not applicable

by Christine (Justina) Erikson
(Rocklin, CA)

I have a problem with seeing the proverbs thing as relating to Jesus, because it depicts wisdom as saying that God made her before all other things (and is female) while The Son was not made or created. I am of course a Trinitarian, the same titles and powers are ascribed to The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit at various places in Scripture. They are all separately and together YHWH.

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Nov 01, 2014
Tradition vs. tradition vs. Scripture
by: Paul (Webmaster)

Lots of people are going to have a problem with exactly what you describe, not just you. We have a tradition today that the Son of God was not born in the beginning and thus Prov. 8:22 cannot apply to the Son.

The problem is, that the earliest churches also had a tradition. They had a tradition that they say the apostles taught them, which is that Prov. 8:22 does apply to the Son of God and that he was born of God before the beginning.

They say their tradition came from the apostles. Where did ours come from? The fact is, those early Christians are our ancestors. Our tradition comes from slow change over 1700 years.

Is that a good source?

Then there's Scripture. This article ( gives the Scriptures for you to consider. I think I made a good case.

The question I would ask is, "Does what you believe--the tradition that we hold only in the west--fit the Scriptures? Does your definition of the Trinity leave room for Jesus to call the Father the only true God? (Jn. 17:3). Does it leave room for Paul to say that there is one God, the Father, and one Lord, King Jesus? (1 Cor. 8:6)"

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