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May 07, 2015
Reasons To Delete Posts
by: Paul

There were three reasons I deleted this "evolution is false" comment:

1. It is irrelevant to the page it is posted on and to this web site.
2. It was a rude tirade. Rude and being a rant or tirade is not sufficient reason to delete a post, but if I have other reasons, I am much more likely to delete the post.
3. Anonymous submission. An anonymous submission is only a reason to delete a post if the post is also rude. Rude, anonymous people on the internet do not deserve to have a voice on the internet. That's just how I feel. Amazing where a little politeness can get you.

One of the reasons for keeping a post like the one I deleted is the excellent grammar and lack of typos. When a post is submitted with lots of typos, it indicates the person posting is not even interested enough to do a spelling check. The deleted post had excellent grammar and no typos.

Nonetheless, our anonymous writer needs to go find a different place to post anonymous, uneducated rants. This isn't the place.

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