by Felix Alexander

I know you've been busy and ill last year, but I hope you might have some time soon to think about the updates you want to make to this page—at least, I'd like to know what the raw facts are, even if the interpretation will still take some time.

But thankyou for the honesty to change your mind when you find it's wrong. I often find myself defending myself in an argument, and only later (when it's too late) realising that I was wrong and should've change my mind.


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Mar 18, 2013
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

Thanks for the reminder. The problem isn't always just being busy or sick. The problem is the accumulation of things that need to be done over a year and a half. Sometimes things get lost in the process.

I put revising "the Fall of Rome" back on the to do list.

I have an employee who helps me nowadays with my web sites, though I do this one by myself. I'm having more time now that I've got the help, though.


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