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by Ruth

I was taught baptism was necessary for salvation so I was confused when I encountered the argument that salvation was by faith alone and that baptism was a work. I could make no sense in that context of the meaning of all the verses in the bible concerning baptism. I have struggled with this for sometime. It occurs to me that the fault lies with imposing the meaning of work on baptism. Baptism is no more a work than prayer. Baptism is received by a believer not worked. We do not do baptism, we receive baptism. In the same way we receive communion we do not work communion. It is by faith that we receive all of God's redeeming WORK for us. Certainly the bible teaches us to receive baptism for the remission of sins.
The Apostles preached Jesus and those who believed
the Apostles received baptism.

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Jul 19, 2012
by: Shane

Amen! Many brethren today reject or explain away what scriptures teach about baptism, and some even say that it was only for the Jewish "kingdom gospel." Jesus said it was to be practiced in "all nations."

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