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by Patty Roberts
(Fresno, Ca.)

I've been reading your site for the last four days. The more I read, the more I realize I need to keep reading. But today, on the "Word of God" page, I finally found me.
The story is long, but I'll keep it short because I know I will be communicating with you often.
I recently left a church, only one of many I have left. I've learned a lot, but couldn't find anything fulfilling. This time, though I began to actually believe that there is no church, at least where I am, that has what I want, that is a real honest to goodness, led by the Spirit, be an imitator of Jesus kind of fellowship. I do have some friends, though, who are like-minded, and we began to look. The first thing I found out was that there are Christians around who are wanting to experience the life of the early church. Enough with the tithing already! The tithe is not nearly enough to take care of one another when it mostly goes into a building.
So we went Googling and we found a group in Milpitas, Ca. Of course we went to visit them. It was awesome, and we are committed to fellowshipping with them as often as possible, but that's not it either. They shared some of the issues they and others have had with home fellowship groups, which was pretty discouraging.
Then I found your website. (Actually, I was doing some research on Diocletian, I teach 7th grade world history) and I selected your site, because it said christian history. I am learning so much, and I admire what you are doing in Tennessee, but we need it here...face it, we need it everywhere. People are lost, and hungry for the love of God, and we are His hands and feed, and voice.
I hope I can continue to learn from you and others like you, and to communicate with you regarding the HOW. Since the Lord blessed me with this desire, I cannot even think of doing anything else.

Thank you,

Patty Roberts

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Dec 02, 2011
Reality vs. Wishful Thinking
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)

Anonymous said: "I believe that it does not matter where you are based just stick firmly to the Word of God and lead by example and you will always pull through."

A lot of us say that, but it isn't true. We need to be honest and admit that only works for some people. Statistics say, in fact, that it only works for a few, the superstars, the born leaders.

The reason that it only works for some is because that's not Biblical Christianity. "The Word" says that we need the word of our brothers and sisters as well as the word of the Bible, or we are likely to wind up deceived (Heb. 3:13).

It matters very much where you are based, and there are many denominations that are a waste of time and a drain on your spiritual life. If you are abounding spiritually and want to visit one as a ministry while you are fed and fellowship elsewhere, that's one thing. However, if you are a new believer who's not innately a leader, you need to find somewhere that you can have real fellowship with Christians that are willing to go all the way for Christ.

The church matters. It's not a by-product of being a Christian, the church is the purpose of God and the pillar and support of the truth (1 Tim. 3:15). It is to be kept pure (1 Cor. 5), and it should be working for the growth of its members and the unity of the body of Christ.

Dec 01, 2011
History Proves Its Self
by: Anonymous

Patty, I read your comment and it does not supprise me with people all over the place that are looking for a stable place to rest their souls at last.
History has away to acknowledge all the wrongs in our modern world. We learn from History. Some people reckon that history is the past but i disagree. For those people who gain wisdom, history is in the future because we already know what has been and history always leads us back to stable platform, a base we can feel secure within.
We see history infront of us because we know it.

i have never been tempted to look at other denominations for a change or for, perhaps a better religion, or way of worship. I believe that it does not matter where you are based just stick firmly to the Word of God and lead by example and you will always pull through.

I preached a sermon recently on Psalm 118:8 residence in an old peoples home. I stated that this verse is extradinary as it is the center of the Bible. Why out of all the other verses should God in all His wisdom place this verse there?
Read it - the very central truth of God. In summary it says 'Put all your trust in God and donot trust man'
If you ever want to talk you can contact me via email

Dec 01, 2011
Would Love To Talk to You!
by: Paul Pavao (webmaster)


Thank you so much for your note. It's very encouraging.

Please email me. You can use the "contact me" button on the Navbar on the left.

We have a couple young men out in Sacramento for the purpose of seeking God, building the church, and teaching Christians how to walk in real fellowship. That's not terribly far from you, that would probably love to meet you and compare notes.

Paul "Shammah" Pavao

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