Quotes About End Times

Quotes about end times from throughout Christian History.

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Pseudo-Barnabas, A.D. 120 - 130

Attend, my children, to the meaning of the expression, "He finished in six days" [Gen. 2:2]. This implies that the Lord will finish all things in six thousand years, for a day is like a thousand years with him. He himself testifies, saying, "Behold, today will be as a thousand years" [Ps. 90:4]. Therefore, my children, in six days—that is, in six thousand years —all things will be finished. ( Letter of Barnabas 15)

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Tertullian, c. A.D. 200

"For the mystery of iniquity is already at work; only he who now hinders must hinder, until he is taken out of the way" [2 Thess. 2:7] What obstacle is there but the Roman state, the falling away of which, by being scattered into ten kingdoms, shall introduce Antichrist upon [its own ruins]? (On the Resurrection of the Flesh 24)

Cyprian, c. A.D. 250

Nor let it disturb you, dearest brethren, if with some, in these last times, either an uncertain faith is wavering, or a fear of God without religion is vacillating, or a peaceable concord does not continue. These things have been foretold as about to happen in the end of the world; and it was predicted by the voice of the Lord, and by the testimony of the apostles, that now that the world is failing, and the Antichrist is drawing near, everything good shall fail, but evil and adverse things shall prosper. ("To the Clergy and People Abiding in Spain," par. 3, from the Epistles of Cyprian 67 )

Martin Luther, 1520

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… what the situation will be like in the world before the Lord returns, namely, Christ will be despised, and the preachers of the Gospel will be regarded as fools. (The Complete Sermons of Martin Luther, vol. V, p. 40)
That's the way things will be, says Christ, when Judgment Day nears. The whole world will act secure. Don't let this disturb you. Christ admonishes, do not follow them; do not do what they are doing; cling to me. Nor be afraid; keep your head high, and see to it that, when I come down from heaven, I shal be able to find you! … But those who overload their hearts and show no concern for Judgment Day will find that death has suddenly overtaken them. The fellow who frolics and dances merrily with his wench, will then suddenly find himself flat on his face, and, while his next-door neighbor councs his shekels of silver and gold, he will suddenly be knocked down with his money bags and all. That's what the situation will be like at that time. (The Complete Sermons of Martin Luther, vol. V, p. 40)
Such are the conditions prior to Judgment Day. We need to learn from this and not fret when we see these things happening, but say: Christ predicted beforehand that the world would become so savage, coarse, greedy, and so on. Well then! That's the way it is, and it is even going to get worse. (The Complete Sermons of Martin Luther, vol. V, p. 41)

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