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Martin Luther or
July 11, 2020

My bio of Martin Luther the most popular page on Christian History for Everyman. Google's algorithm changes on a regular basis, so who knows what has happened. I want to remind you of the page.

Martin Luther page
The page begins begins with the day Martin Luther nailed 95 theses to the door of the Wittenberg.

For some reason, my normally wonderful webhost has ruined their mailing list program and made it extremely difficult to send links.

Those theses addressed only one Roman Catholic practice: indulgences. Later, Luther was careful to remind people that he was fully Catholic at the time. He described himself as "an insane papist who would have readily murdered any person who denied obedience to the Pope." It's a good thing I hadn't written _Rome's Audacious Claim_ at the time!

This newsletter is written just to remind you the Martin Luther page exists! It is a careful look into his life and easy to read, as all my pages are. (Complain to me if you find a page that is not so I can rewrite it! Easy for Everyman to read and understand is a central value of Christian History for Everyman) I am sure it has a link to the John Tetzel page. Tetzel should have as much credit for starting the Protestant Reformation as Luther because his outrageous techniques for selling indulgences are what drove Luther into opposing first indulgences and then the pope.

And if you do not know what indulgences are, follow the link from Martin Luther's bio to my indulgence page :-).

Grace to all who love the Lord Jesus in truth!


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