Things As I See Them: Introduction

Everything in this book is based on what works.

Of course, this can only be what I've seen to work, but I think my 28 years as a Christian in 8 countries and numerous denominations as church member, elder, radio talk show host, author, and speaker has allowed me a very wide range of experience. (The eight countries are: USA, Germany, England, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, India, and Myanmar. I've been to more, but those are the countries in which I've had intense interaction with Christians.)

Jesus said to judge a prophet—which I have interpreted to mean anyone that claims to speak for God—by his fruit (Matt. 7:15-20). That is, we're to judge those who claim to have God's message by the results of their message.

We're even to judge our Christian leaders by the results of their conduct, according to Hebrews 13:7, following their <em>faith</em>, not just their words.

This book is the product of what I have seen to work—to produce a godly, powerful life and a strong relationship with Jesus Christ—both for me and for others.

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