Sherry Borror

by Sherry Borror
(Exmore, Virginia)

I do not think it means to go out and boldly cause discord among the many..if you are in love with Jesus, our lord, our father, friend and will only hear his voice among all others..a false prophet is to come..but the Shepherd will keep his flock safe and he will bring all other flocks that love him into his one church..It is GOD's Reasoning that we go out and bring souls to spread light in the darkness of the many who do not know his name..that his LOVE has no end..that he has commanded all of heaven even the saints to love us and that even so..when we love the lord we are filled and over flowing in his love..that it should run through our veins and fill our hearts that he is our eyes which allow us to see who is in need, he is our hand,which he will take control of to show us the words to is not up to us to single out the is up to GOD who will overthrow time and will show the ones who are true to GOD how to do this..We must have our army ready..finding souls..we must have our armor on..the word of GOD...we must show no fear as we have no reason to fear when we are GODS no mater the outcome..we will be with him..the voice inside your heart must not be confused in the word..YOU MUST COME AND SEE...where he order for you to do his work...You must read, meditate and pick up the pen and paper and allow GOD to have your mind, soul and hand..and once you write without will ponder and study..much before you realize every message is sent to you..from GOD...give yourself away..hold nothing back..and you will taste the sweet fruit of Jesus Christ..and be careful..of bitter fruit..or dividing the Jesus knows your heart and soul and what would you gain here on earth if you were to lose your heavenly home...What measure of a man ..are you..Where GOD is working through you..the DEVIL will surely interfere to confuse you..KNOW your FATHERS VOICE..your fathers secure in his word ...KNOW your own heart..And no fool can enter wolf can lead you away..if you have even a QUESTION in your heart if a thing is bad..IT IS NOT OF he will ONLY SEND you a TRUE THOUGHT...that you will Recognize as truly his ..WITHOUT QUESTION...When confusion peaks in is the DEVIL...portraying him self as your creator..DO NOT BELIEVE HIM...If GOD wants you to do this work..then FOLLOW GODs WORD..NOT YOUR OWN..NOT the DEVILS..and you will reap the sweetest of FRUITS..YOUR journey will not be easy..your path will not be smooth..but neither was the life of JESUS..expect ...many to do as in Jesus life..not all will believe, not all will follow, not all will love you..but the few that do..will acknowledge the words that JESUS has sent through you..NEVER TAKE CREDIT FOR GODS WORK...give everything to GOD for the greater GLORY..if you refuse to give GOD the Credit for all the wisdom he brings to will be separated from his flock..DO ALL WORKS IN THE NAME OF GOD> FOR GOD> NOT FOR YOURSELF AND THE WISDOM WILL COME FROM GOD ...I THIRST..he said on the cross..TODAY he THIRST...for lost souls..everywhere..
BRING THEM UP TO HIM AND OFFER THEM IN THE NAME OF GOD..GOOD LUCK..for the LOVE of JESUS CHRIST.....STAY CLOSE TO HIM..DO not forget the HOLY COMMUNION..take of the Body and the blood of Christ so he is ever in you..
your friend in J>C

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Dec 11, 2010
Revelation 1 - 3
by: Paul Pavao

One thing we certainly have in common is a love for the early part of Revelation. One fellow I read (David Rudels, _The Gospel You've Never Heard_) wondered why we'd pay more attention to Paul's letters (to 7 churches, by the way) than to Jesus' letters to 7 churches.

I agree. There's nothing wrong with Paul's letters. I love them and have devoted great effort to arguing and proving that his Gospel is the same as Christ's and James'. Nonetheless, Jesus is Jesus, and WE HAVE SEVEN LETTERS FROM JESUS TO CHURCHES!

They're so pertinent, too!

Dec 08, 2010
Knowing who I am
by: Neil Uebergang

Perhaps you have read a blog of mine. I get a bit head strong at times in my comments. Possible reasons for this is that I was brought up in a very strong Christian atmosphere where rules had to obeyed. Yes I did reject some of these rules and it was only when I was in my early 30's that the up bringing was to start showing some fruit.
I'm not a clergyman but I do alot of lay preaching in old peoples homes to which I have some what become sadden due to the lack of resposibilities from their own families.
I don't rightly know as yet if this is the long term goal or if God is preparing me for something quite different that requires the strengths that I have.
But having said this I do not know how I found you and your site. Just searching, possibly for some more meaty subjects. Your site gives me a small release. I thankyou for that.

Regards Neil

Dec 08, 2010
Do I Only Know You from Here?
by: Paul Pavao


Thank you. I enjoy your comments.

Do I only know you from your comments on things I've written, or do you have a blog I've read. Your name is familiar, and I keep meaning to ask whenever I see your comments.


Dec 06, 2010
Go back to Revelations
by: Neil Uebergang

For some unknown reason I keep getting led back to the first 3 chapters of Revelations. To each Church Jesus clearly speaks of their goodness but He also gives them a fault. Here He is trying to get us to correct these faults and then we'll be in a much better position to be able to move on and have a better outreach.

If we look at the complacency that our churches seem to evolve into or involve themselves in then we have a clearer history to correct.

I'm not saying that this is the best way to approach or promote our evangelism but it is an area definitely to research, study and ask God to direct our thought patterns for clearer visions and guidance.

Paul I like your thoughts, the way you write, and we have something in common there. Gods blessing you and His shield is already over you.

Yous in Christ,
Neil Uebergang

Dec 02, 2010
by: Neil Uebergang

Paul Pavao

I do not have many comments to add to this except I would add to the end of you 'INTRO' Something to the form of Mathew 28:19-20

It seems that one thing that is lacking alot these days about our CHRISTIAN CHURCH is the real meaning of evangelizing. Why is it that sects like say 'the JWs' can give of themselves to the adherence of their faith and Christian groups preach only to their kind?, and do not physically go out to all the nations themselves?
Sometimes I wonder whether christian people are afraid to talk publicly about God through sheer embarrassment. Is this a shyness god that has crept in to destroy or to bring down the followers of Christ? Or is this let's say, "I don't want my mates seeing me doing this" typo!?

Yours in Christ
Neil Uebergang

Oct 20, 2010
Sowing Discord
by: Paul Pavao

I went over limit! Here's what I was going to add to the last comment:


We also need bravery.

One way we deceive ourselves is by saying sweet and spiritual sounding words. Sometimes the honest, cutting truth, plainly spoken, is what's needed.

This site does a lot of that, and it sows discord ... but not with the brothers who love the will of God.

There will be discord with those who strongly defend the present system of things and the division, hopelessness, and lack of righteousness it causes.

The fact is that there is much Bible worship among Protestants and often a false gospel that offers heaven at no cost despite Jesus Christ telling us to count the cost. The pope sits in an antichrist position. The Orthodox depend on a descent that God has no regard for. It includes many unrighteous bishops presiding over churches that Jesus Christ had spewed out of his mouth. They actively crusade for idolatry in the form of icons, but they do not actively crusade for their members to deny themselves, take up their crosses, and be born again by the power of God and the name of Jesus Christ; something the Roman Catholics also fail to do.

Someone needs to say these things, and that will sow discord.

Hopefully, I and others are doing that with love and compassion in our hearts, hoping for repentance and knowing that we, too, are sinners trusting in the mercy of a mighty God.

Hopefully, we are offering not just a promise from heaven, but we are offering ourselves and real fellowship on earth as well; a promise to depend on each other in following Jesus Christ together.

But we must sow discord among *the many* because the many include wolves and children of the devil who would devour the sheep or lead them astray--for we know that bad company corrupts good morals. Thus we must speak the truth, for there is no way not to anger the wolves while we rescue the sheep.

Oct 20, 2010
by: Paul Pavao


You sound like a nice person, so I hate to have to be blunt ... but I have to be blunt.

The things you wrote sound very nice. They are, however, too general to apply to anything, and they are purely wishful thinking as far as anyone's real life.

For example, you wrote, "I do not think it means to go out and boldly cause discord among the many."

What does that mean? It's so general it doesn't mean anything at all, yet it hints--because it's on my site and in the comment section of an introduction I wrote--that I'm sowing discord that I should not be sowing.

Two things:

1. You should say more directly what you mean. Hints are no good.

2. What I'm teaching is true, and thus it sows discord among *the many*. It does not sow discord among *the brethren*.

Jesus said he came to bring a sword, not peace; therefore, it's inaccurate to make a sweeping general statement--or rather, hint--that it's wrong to sow discord.


You also wrote:

"You must read, meditate and pick up the pen and paper and allow GOD to have your mind, soul and hand..and once you write without will ponder and study..much before you realize every message is sent to you..from GOD"

Pretty much everyone I've ever met who believes something like this about themselves is an opinionated, self-exalting oaf as far as spiritual things go.

Every teacher I've ever met that was beneficial to me and to others was humble. He--or she--would never teach what you wrote here. Those useful and effective teachers would tell us to always fear ourselves and humbly do everything possible to overthrow self-deception.

The writer of Hebrews is one such teacher. He says that if we are not exhorted daily, then we are in danger of hardening through the deceitfulness of sin (3:13).

So, in most cases, pondering, studying, and lifting our souls to God--by ourselves--will result in our being deceived by sin.

At least, that's what the Bible says.

We need each other; we need humility.

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