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Julie Donnelly's Julstro System

What if you could treat your aches and pains at home and for free?

This is not an ad. (I wish it were, but does not have an affiliate system that works.) Everything below is written by me, Paul Pavao, and is accurate and honest, like everything else on this site.

Julie Donnelly of the Julstro Method

Julie Donnelly is a certified muscle therapist in practice for over 20 years. You'll find her own description of her training and method at

Pain-Free Living

Pain-Free Living explains and teaches the Julstro system, a proven, effective, at-home treatment method for even major pain like lower back pain, upper back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most joint pain is caused by muscles, not bones, and thus can be relieved with a simple massage method ... if you know where to massage!

Testimony #1

A friend of mine regularly drives three hours to supervise multiple construction jobs in a town in Mississippi. The problem was that after he arrived, left his vehicle, and began to walk around the job, his lower back would seize up and hurt him so bad that he couldn't walk.

Because I am familiar with the Julstro method, and thus with the one most common cause of modern back problems, I knew exactly what was wrong.

I gave him one simple stretch to do, two times per day at one minute per stretch, and his back pain disappeared. He called it a miracle.

Here's the stretch. If the video doesn't play, click on it, and it should open in Youtube.

In Pain-Free Living you will discover ...

  • How muscles cause joint pain?
  • Why treatment should rarely focus on the spot that is in pain (explained below as well)
  • How to find where treatment should focus
  • How to treat the actual source of pain
  • Clearly illustrated techniques for finding and releasing muscle spasms
  • Charts to locate the most likely source of YOUR specific pain
  • General principles so that you can isolate the source of pain even when its not covered in the book
  • A link for direct communication with Julie Donnelly should your injury prove unusual or difficult

Why Treatment Rarely Focuses on the Spot That Hurts

When you pull your hair, what hurts?

Your scalp, right? Yet no amount of massage or icy hot ointment is going to relieve the pain until you quit pulling your hair!

The treatment is at the other end of your hair from the scalp. Just so, most joint pain is cause by tendons pulling on the joint. The treatment is at the other end of the tendon, in the muscle.

Benefits of the Julstro Method

Not only is at-home treatment free, but it is often more effective than professional treatment because it can be done every day, multiple times per day. This is essential for treatment of muscles, by far the most common cause of joint pain.

Because you can treat yourself multiple times per day, while the chiropractor or other professional gets you, at best, three times a week, the Julstro system is not as effective but more effective than professional treatment.


My experience includes a decade of treating the aches and pains common to an over-40 jogger and father of 6 children. It also includes being a reference point for muscle injuries for a Christian community of 250 people. I've had lots of opportunities to put the Julstro Method to the test.

Just a few of the many stories I could tell are below. Julie has many more testimonies on her site, which you can read if you follow the links to her books.

This review is about the Pain-Free Living book. Julie has created several "complete self-help" packages. I have used a couple of the tools in the packages, specifically the backknobber and the little blue handle you'll see in the pictures, but I never bought a whole set. When you consider the price, remember to compare it to the cost of chiropractor visits. I am not against chiropractors. I have used them, and it was a local chiropractor who led me to to the Julstro system, but if you can release muscles and relieve pain without paying a hundred dollars a visit, isn't that better? 

All the following are written by me, true stories from my own experience of successful use of the Julstro method.

Testimony #2, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Several years ago my wife came down with a case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Her fingers were numb and tingling in both hands.

My wife is a pianist and a secretary in our Christian community. This was a big problem.

She went to a chiropractor, and then she borrowed special gloves that had been prescribed by a professional to a friend of ours. Nothing worked.

I learned at Julie Donnelly's site that carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by an impinged medial nerve, which runs all the way from the neck to your fingers.

Typically the problem is that on the way into your hand, the medial nerve goes through a tunnel in the carpal bones of your wrist. The tendons of your forearm muscles also run through that tunnel. Therefore, if your forearm muscles become irritated, stiff, and develop spasms, then the tendons will suffer, swell, and squeeze that medial nerve. That is why the numbness, tingling, and pain are called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

But the medial nerve can be impinged anywhere along its route, so, as the Julstro system recommends, I checked all my wife's muscles from her neck and shoulders down to her forearm.

On her shoulders, I was able to press in spots that made her fingers tingle. So I massaged her shoulders daily for about three weeks, treating the spasms we found with the Julstro method.

Poof, no more carpal tunnel syndrome.

Julie's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and her treatment kit are now standard supply for all office workers at my business.

Testimony #3: Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain seems to be pretty common. The heart of the pain tends to be between the shoulder blade and spine. It tends to radiate up into the neck, making it very difficult to turn your head.

Upper back pain is not always the most debilitating pain, but it's often the most common and thus most annoying.

That same friend I mentioned at the top of the page went on a trip to California with me. On the way, his upper back and neck were bothering him so much that I was carrying his suitcase for him.

When we got to our hotel in Sacramento, I gave him a tennis ball and explained to him how to use it on his back.

The pain was minimal the next day, and when we returned a week later, I wasn't carrying his suitcase.

I don't know how many times I've heard a friend complain about such pain. Each time, I hand them a tennis ball and tell them how to use it. In the case of upper back pain, I've never seen it not work.

Testimony #4, Sciatica

Another common issue is sciatica. Those are shooting pains down the leg, often in the lower leg or foot. Other times, it's a dull ache in the back, upper thigh. Nonetheless, the pain is usually caused by a muscle under your buttock called the piriformis.

In most people, the sciatic nerve runs under that muscle, and sometimes it runs right through it.

The muscle is very difficult to reach and massage, thus the primary treatment is to stretch it.

Another friend of mine is a salesman, meaning he drives most of every day. Sciatica was making driving him crazy from pain and making him stiff and immobile.

I showed him the stretch, he got on the floor and performed it, and his eyes popped wide open.

"Oh, that's it!" he said.

It's a stretch he's never stopped doing, almost every day. No more sciatica. 

Many people suffer from mild sciatica. There are actually 3 stretches you can do for it. Which one is most effective varies from person to person. After showing one of those stretches to a 75-year-old man who got instant improvement from it, I made a video of it. If the video doesn't play below, just click on it to watch it at Youtube.

Here is another, easier stretch you can do for the piriformis and sciatic pain. Again, if it doesn't play on this page, you should be able to just click on it, and it will play on Youtube. 

The Julstro Method will also teach you to reach that muscle and others near it with a tennis ball ... or other better-designed tools if you want to get them from her web site.

Other Various

For myself, I've used Julie's methods for all sorts of minor—and occasionally major—pains that I've watched others just learn to live with.

Hip pain is another common one, and one I personally have to treat regularly.

But I can treat it! I don't have to live with it!

I'm not interested in learning to live with pain unless I have to, but there's something more important ...

Muscle spasms pull things out of alignment, and they increase in pain over time. What's treatable with massage now can lead to actual joint damage later.

The alternative is the use of a tennis ball, a dowel rod available from any hardware store, or, if you want, a couple better-designed tools from The cost can't even be compared to surgery. It's less even than a doctor's office visit, and it's a one-time payment.

I live in a Christian community, and word has gotten around that I know these things. Thus, I've put the Julstro method to use at least a hundred times over the last ten years, on myself and others, and found plenty of evidence that it's scientific and effective.

If you've read this page, it's because you need help. You're not going to get better help than the Julstro system. Do yourself a favor and actually read the book. They are amazingly easy to read and filled with illustrations and charts.

As I said above, this page is currently not an ad. I hope to make it one because I just found out (July, 2017) that I can once again get an affiliate account with Julstro. Today, however, I get nothing for recommending the Julstro system. I am simply a thrilled user who has tried the system along with a lot of my friends.


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