Free Bible Study Lessons and Worksheets

These free Bible study lessons are not for the faint of heart. These are lessons that I have taught to disciples who want to follow Jesus over everything else. I believe they are encouraging, and they fit the purpose of the Scriptures: to equip men of God for every good work (2 Tim. 3:16-17).


If you want to use one of the Bible studies, and you don't understand the notes, you can listen to the recording, or you can contact me.

3/3 Bible Studies

"3/3" (Three-thirds) Bible studies are used by Disciple-Making Movements (DMM). These movements have been planting churches and making disciples all over the world, even in persecuted countries. There are three unique things about 3/3 Bible studies:

  • Anyone can facilitate them with very little training.
  • They are "obedience-based," focused on obeying rather than just knowing.
  • They can be used with any passoge of Scripture.

The point of a 3/3 Bible study is to train each Christian to read the Bible themselves and equip them to reach and teach others simply by sharing what they have learned. As the name implies, there are three parts to a 3/3 Bible study.

  1. During the first third of the meeting you will catch up on how everyone is doing. This means asking each person about their week, and it also means checking up on how each person was able to carry out the commitments they made the week before. The commitments are made in the last third of the Bible study, so you there will be none to check on at the first Bible study.
  2. The second third is the study of the Bible. DMMs use various, but similar questions to get through their Bible studies. My favorite pattern is:
    • Pray or have someone pray for the Bible study, that all of your hearts may be open and the Holy Spirit will guide you. (And anything else you want to cover in prayer, of course.)
    • Have someone read the whole passage.
    • Ask, "What did you like about this passage? What stood out to you?"
    • Discuss
    • Ask, "What didn't you like about this passage? What did you not understand, or what bothered you in this passage?"
    • Discuss
    • Have someone else read the whole passage, preferably in a different translation.
    • Ask, "What do you see in this passage that you should obey?"
    • Discuss
    • Ask, "Does this passage cover sin that we should avoid?"
    • Discuss
  3. The third third is being honest with God. Each person should quietly pray consider what he or she should obey from the passage through the following week. Each person should also pick a person that they will share the passage and their takeaway with. Choosing the person should be done with prayer, and the sharing should be done within a couple days if possible.

Since the 3/3 Bible study was developed by founders of the Disciple-Making Movements that are sweeping the globe, most small churches using the 3/3 Bible study also make a commitment to create spiritual conversations with others through the week for the purpose of evangelism. DMMs make sure their members are equipped with ideas to approach people politely, warmly, and non-threateningly, but with purpose, not hiding their desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus.

On this page, I am just providing a superb Bible study method that allows Christians to be able to lead Bible studies with other Christians or even with unsaved people in a warm and open environment. If you want to know more about being trained by one of these DMMS, see Zume.training or 2414now.net. There are some fantastic, faith-building books about the success of DMMs in persecuted countries like Miraculous Movements, T4T, and From Megachurch to Multiplication. The last of those books, written by a pastor in Lubbock, TX, will invite you to join training with them by Zoom after you have read the book and caught up with the current state of their movement on their blog.

Rebuilding the Foundations

I have also written a book called "Rebuilding the Foundations." You can read and download the PDF for free.

Condensed Version

I was invited to speak at a gathering of Heaven's Family, my favorite missions organization. We have a missionary couple of our own in Africa, David and Cynthia Taylor, whom we love, and David was invited to speak there, too. I condensed Parts 1-3 of the Christian Model (below) into a teaching called "Rebuilding the Foundations." It's packed full, and God breathed on it. One missionary asked if he could translate it into Chinese. The leader of Heaven's Family suggested everyone spread the teaching. It was very exciting for me to see God move like that.

Full Version

Part 1: God's Solid Foundation

Part 2: The Power to Obey

Part 3: The Gospel

We did this lesson in four parts. It was well worth the time.

An Overview of the Christian Life

2 Peter 1:3-11 is an amazing overview of the Christian life.

Discipleship Bible Study Series

I did these teachings with men only through the winter of 2015-2016. All notes are written by me. Many of these have audio recordings with them so you can see how I taught them. If the recordings are over an hour, it is only because there were questions afterward.

There were fourteen of them, so obviously I have more to get ready for the internet.

The Kingdom of God: A biblical analysis of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Faith and Works: Resolving the dilemma between a judgment according to works and a salvation by faith apart from works.

The Judgment and Works: This study addresses the New Testament passages about the judgment.

What Is Sound Doctrine?

A lot of things are called sound doctrine these days. A lot of things are put on the statement of faith of various Christian traditions. Most of those things, whether truth or error, do not fit the Bible's definition of sound doctrine. This free Bible Study lesson was put together using every verse in the New Testament that uses the word "doctrine."

Hell, Hades, and Gehenna

This Bible study was originally done in answer to a false teacher, but there is a full outline with explanations of every point. With a little work this would be a booklet, but it will serve you better in teaching a Bible study in the form its in.

There is no recording to go with this worksheet.

How to Make a Church Fail (booklet)

This used to be a for-sale booklet, but it never sold. This bothers me because when I tell people its contents in person, they get very excited. "How to Make a Church Fail" is the story of how we got from the apostles to what I call "the fall of the church" under Constantine. It is written from the devil's perspective, as he tells the tale of what he did to get his flock intermingled with the flock of God.

If I have to say so myself, it is a very interesting read and should only take you an hour or so. The idea came to me on a drive to work along with the whole story. I drove to work and typed it up in about two hours. Despite how quickly I did it, it is well-referenced and historically accurate.

Where To Go From Here

My Articles page does not go to prepared Bible study worksheets, but it does go to articles that you could turn into Bible studies.