Faith of rcv

by Faith
(Rose Creek)

Ok... I have no intentions of being the devil's advocate - ever, just so you know. :>) There's plenty of those around!

On the section that entitled Preach the Gospel you meant to put "one" but put "on" in "How does one preach the gospel?"

Other than that, I caught no typos... but I don't tend to be a great editor.

Now: content
Shammah - this is wonderful!

When I got to the end of the first section of What matters:the Gospel and you ended it with, "I know that's not how we tend to think nowadays, but we really don't have any fruit to indicate that we've got very much right. It should therefore be no surprise to us that we have some drastic changes to make in our preaching and our theology." I had the thought... that's good, but he's going to have to redefine the word "fruit" for most people in the churches today. So I smiled to see you tackled that next.

I sat in on many of sermon that said that it was important to be a "fruit inspector" and that meant to see if a person claiming to be a christian prayed, read the bible and was generally kind. Sometimes someone mentioned the fruits of the spirit. No one talked about giving up your life or speaking a life-giving message to anyone--other than the 4 spiritual laws.

Anyway, I feel, because of living this life, words come alive! The "fruit" is much richer and juicier than what I was told. So many words of the scriptures were "dead" because they had no meaning to me--no pictures in my head. "Exhort one another daily" was a dead phrase. No pictures in my head. I had lots of pictures about being happy and joyful because there were Christians with charismatic personalities that gave that impression. But taking a risk at exhorting? That was rare, and if done, it was usually over doctrine.

I don't know if you want to add another picture or not ... it might be helpful.

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Sep 29, 2010
Thanks, Faith!
by: Paul

Thanks, Faith. These comments were really helpful. It's so hard to see through other readers' eyes. As I get time and read over what I've written, I see things as the reader that I didn't see when I was writing. Nonetheless, I'm still one person, different from everyone else, and having others' eyes on the page really helps me be circumspect.

You did a good job portraying what you're seeing.

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