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Writing Contest open for newsletter subscribers!
June 20, 2013

Hello Everyone,

The writing contest rules are finalized, and you can read them at:

It doesn't officially open until July 1, but since you're on the newsletter, you get official notification.

I say the rules are finalized, but since this is our first writing contest, I'm sure I missed something. I have a Q&A section at the bottom of the page with the one question I've been asked so far. Please feel free to ask more!

I've participated in writing contests before (just 2, no results back yet), and we have more information on our rules page than most do. There were lots of questions on those contest pages. I tried to make our rules a little more clear!

We will probably have two consolation prizes as well for second and third place finishers, though that's not in the rules yet. Chances are that will be a cash prize plus mention on our web site and Facebook page. "Consolation" sounds like a sad word, but an official second or third place finish in a writing contest is worth something in a query letter or proposal if you are trying to get published later.

If you know friends who are writers, spread the word. As a writer myself, I know there are not many free writing contests.

If you like what we're doing, please like our Facebook page. We have only recently been trying to keep it up well, but we'd love for it to be a place where people discuss their love for the great stories that made us who we are:

Paul Pavao

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