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Top Drawer Flea Market bookstore and new booklets
July 02, 2024

Last week I got to do something I've wanted to do for years, open a booth in a flea market. In this case, it's an indoor seven-days-per-week flea market, so basically a consignment store.

I have my books there, along with the books I've published for others (Forgotten Gospel by Matthew Bryan; Slavery During the Revolutionary War by Esther Pavao; and The Promise by Megan Cupit), and several others that have impacted me through my life.

The space is only about 7x7, so there's not room to just carry books like a real bookstore would. This is more about discipleship and getting the word out about the early church fathers and thus "the faith once for all delivered to the saints."

Honestly, I would like to develop a course on the faith as it was delivered to the saints, and I am hoping that the booth will help me find 3 or 4 people to go through the first edition of the course to help me develop it. Their reactions and questions would help me know what to cover and how to cover it.

I have published "I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice" on Amazon, but the printing of the booklet costs too much to try to sell the paperback. It is available on Kindle and in an AI-generated audio version. The AI enunciation is not perfect, but the voice is much better than I expected. If the point is the message, then the AI voice is more than sufficient.

I also found out that MS Word's "book fold" setting is very easy to use. It prints booklets on regular 8.5 x 11 paper that you can just be folded in half right off the printer. I am printing my more popular web pages in that format to sell for next to nothing in my flea market booth.

That's the news. I haven't been back to the booth since it opened last week, so I don't know how it's doing.

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