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Through the Bible in a Year Program
January 09, 2012

A quick health update:

My leukemia treatment is on the home stretch, though a pretty long home stretch it is.

I have been getting brain radiation all week (Jan. 2-6), one dose per day. I'll get one more on Monday. Tuesday through Thursday I'll get two doses a day of total body radiation, then three days of chemotherapy. That will be followed by the stem cell transplant on January 17.

Again, you can keep up with all of this blessing from God at my Thrilled to Death blog.

Through the Bible in a Year

This "Through the Bible in a Year" program is completely free.

I am providing some basic commentary and a reading plan at my Rest of the Old, Old Story blog.

The reading plan is only Monday through Friday so that you can catch up on the weekends (and so that I can keep up on the blogging!).

The commentary is not thorough. It can't be, or it would be too long. I'm limiting it to 1,000 words per day.

There are two goals. One is to provide commentary that with a historical perspective, not a modern traditional one. That in itself makes the commentary unique. The second goal is for new Christians and first-time Bible readers. That goal is to make the Bible easy to understand at its most basic level, provide practice at getting life-applicable lessons from the Scriptures, and to provide some simple tools for studying deeper, more spiritually, and more practically.

That's it. Thank you for all your prayers! I have had a great December, Christmas with my family, with energy and at least a feeling of good health. I'm in great spirits for this last treatment. God has been very good to me, and your prayers are among the many that are the reason that I and my family have experience so much grace.

Grace to all who love the Lord Jesus Christ in truth!

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