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Correction of error in last newsletter
December 15, 2015

In the last newsletter, I gave this quote from Tertullian, who wrote around AD 200. There is an extremely important typo in this quote:

Tertullian explained this biblical and early Christian terminology by saying, "I will follow the apostle [Paul]. If the Father and Son are both mentioned, I call the Father 'God' and Jesus 'Lord.' When I mention Christ alone, I can call him 'God.' ... For example, I would call a sunbeam 'sun' when mentioned by itself; however, if I mentioned the sun itself, I would stop calling the sunbeam 'sun.' Although I do not make two suns, I will consider the sun and its ray to be as much two things, and two forms of one divided substance, as God and his Word, as the Father and the Son." (Against Praxeas. ch. 13. I did some minor updating to the wording for ease of reading.)

His quote should say "one undivided substance," not a divided substance. My (really bad) mistake. My hope is that the rest of the last newsletter cleared up the problem. If not, this is the apology and correction!

For those of you who don't remember or who didn't have time to read the last newsletter, you can see all the back issues at The last newsletter, the one I am referencing, is the December 11, 2015 one.

Paul Pavao

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