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uploaded "Reconciling the Evangelical Paul with the Biblical Paul"
March 25, 2024

I added today.

I have also been working on an audio (Audible) version of Rebuilding the Foundations. I will be using Kindle's free service to do that, but the AI voice I am using is pretty great ... for an AI voice.

Fortunately, though, I also got an offer from a FB friend, who as far as I know has never interacted with me, to edit an audio book with me reading for free! I will send him the first chapter of Rome's Audacious Claim by next week, I hope.

Decoding Nicea is already an audiobook, available on Audible.

I've gotten a lot of unsubscribes, but also a lot of new subscriptions now that I am focusing as much on teaching as history. That does not discourage me; I prefer that people who get my newsletter want to get it.

Feel free to write me using the "contact me" page on if you want to give me feedback on the new article.

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