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Questions, Answers, and a New Book Coming
May 26, 2014

Welcome to all my new subscribers. I was a little surprised to see that my email list had grown by 70 or 80 people since my last newsletter. Thank you for reading and thank you for signing up for the newsletter. I hope we may serve you well.

This newsletter will inform you of new articles, books, and events. Day to day updates are found at our Facebook page at

There you can give feedback, make comments, and even post your own thoughts on church history. (I think you have to "like" the page to do all that.) The FB page is better and far more updated than this newsletter.

Today, I want to give you three announcements.

  1. Our Q & A page has become our most popular page. It is growing as I answer questions that come to me by email and on Facebook.
  2. We have released a new edition of In the Beginning Was the Logos. It is now called Decoding Nicea. Most of the improvement is in the cover, but the best improvement is the price. You can now get this 460-page paperback for just $12.95!

The third announcement needs a little more space because I'm so excited about it.

We have a verbal agreement with a new author. We expect to have a contract next week and begin working on the new book.

The book is a first person account of the birth of Jesus, written from the standpoint of his mother Mary.

The book transported me to the first century. I felt Mary's shock when the angel appeared, her surprise and thrill at being chosen by God to bear the Messiah, her terror as she realized the ramifications of being pregnant without a father, and so much more. I wept and rejoiced in waves.

I enjoyed the story so much that all I did was enjoy it. I never even thought about asking for the right to publish it until she wrote a second one.

Now we've negotiated a deal, and Greatest Stories Ever Told is working to release it before Christmans so it can be available both for reading and for gifts.

For those of you that don't know, Greatest Stories Ever Told is the new publishing company we have created for our books. It's just two people and a lot of friendly advisors right now. Its web page is at You will always find links there to the most inexpensive versions of all our books.

Grace be with you, and thank you again for reading our site and signing up for our newsletter. Make sure to like our FB page!

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