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uploaded "How to Live Holy" and "Present Yourself a Living Sacrifice."
March 05, 2024

I added and to the site a few days ago.

I was going through my keyword list--SBI! searches keywords for me--and was rather astonished at how good a keyword "present yourself a living sacrifice" (Rom. 12:1) is. I wrote a quick page on it, but at the end I realized that discussing what it means to present yourself a living sacrifice is not the same as actually doing it. To really present our members (our body parts) in service to God, and follow through on that sacrifice, requires power from heaven. I went and found a page on my blog on the power of God, retitled it "How to Live Holy," and gave it a thorough edit.

The two articles go hand in hand.

I also added "Christian Teachings" to the navigation bar on the site, and I will be linking teachings like these from that page. There are more coming, especially "Free Bible Studies," which was the most popular page on my "Rebuilding the Foundations" site. The page is organized terrible, though, so will have to do a complete makeover on it.

As a reminder, the Rebuilding the Foundations web site was inspired by my book of the same name. It's by no means a bestseller, but sales are increasing, which tells me at least some people are getting something out of it. The book challenges foundational teachings which have been modified by the Reformers, but still passed on from false Catholic teachings. In its place, it offers clear scriptural evidence for the correct foundations of faith.

God give all of you grace to walk in his ways and please him!

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