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Christian history, my FB page and blog
December 22, 2013

I write all the time. Either there is something I'm reading that inspires me, or something I hear that irritates me. Most of my writing, however, is done on my blog or on Facebook.

I would really like to make my Facebook page, also called Christian History for Everyman, a hopping place where people are educated and inspired and where good, honest, and edifying discussions can take place. It appears, though, that while I'm quite good at educating and informing, I'm not very good at inspiring discussion. If any of you feel up to helping me with that, it would be great. I'll give you the link at the end of this short newsletter.

It's this newsletter that I need to tell you about, however. I'm not very good at it. Sometimes after a week, two weeks, or two months, I realize I haven't written one in a while, and despite covering so many subjects on my blog and FB, I can't think of anything to write.

I'm going to leave this newsletter available so that I can inform you of things I think you'll want to know about. Except our books, or occasionally another book we like, I don't use this newsletter sell anything. I don't need to make money off Christian History for Everyman, though I do have a couple other sites from which I make money. (I do promote the web plan I used to get traffic to Christian History for Everyman and an income from my other sites. Email me if you're interested in hearing about that.)

I am going to give you the links to the Christian History for Everyman Facebook page and to my account on FB if you want to friend me. I'll also give you the address of my blog. If you want ongoing information and discussion on Christian and Christian history issues, then these are better than my newsletter.

Like the FB page to get updates:"

Go here to friend me on FB: (or just search FB for Paul Pavao)

My consolidated blog:

Again, I won't stop sending the newsletter. I am just not going to send it out regularly. If I put up a particularly important page on the site, if a new book comes out, or if there's some Christian history news that seems like it would interest readers of, then I will let you know.

Unsubscribe information is sent with every newsletter. I am hoping, though, that if you liked enough to sign up for the newsletter, then you'll find any pages, announcements, or news interesting.

I guess if that's what I'm going to use the newsletter for, then I should tell you that there's a new page on how the early Christians talked about "going to heaven." It's long and quite comprehensive.

Grace be with you!

Paul Pavao

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