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Early Church Conference
May 03, 2016

I was excited to be back to health and to get out the last newsletter on the Septuagint. Thank you to all of those who have stuck with me through two cancer battles and very occasional newsletters.

I have two things for you today.


I would LOVE to have a conference somewhere that people I've met through Facebook and the web site could come together and talk about church history, our stories, and especially about finding or starting a church that is based more on the original doctrines of the apostles rather than 2,000 years of built up tradition.

If anyone is interested, reply to this email to tell me so. I will put you on a list that is ONLY for discussing such a conference. I promise not to email from that list for any other reason.

Please only email me if you are interested enough to drive or fly somewhere in the US. I would choose a city that is a major airline hub (Dallas? Denver? Chicago?), which should make flights cheaper. I have a couple friends that are terrific speakers and wholehearted disciples, and I suspect I could get them to come speak for us. Personally, I would love a chance to practice my presentation "Introduction to Early Christianity."


It's hard to imagine sending out a newsletter without interesting teaching in it. So, let me add:

"Godhead" is not a biblical term. Back in the days of King James, "Godhead" was a term meaning "Godhood." It was used instead of "divinity." In Acts 17:29, the KJV is trying to say that divinity should not be thought of as created like molded silver and gold. In Romans 1:20, it is God's power and his divine nature that can be understood by the creation. In Colossians 2:9, it is the fullness of divinity that dwell in Jesus bodily.

We tend to think of "Godhead" as referring to the Trinity, but it doesn't. It's simply a middle English word for divinity.

This really doesn't affect any doctrine. I believe in the Trinity, though I explain the Trinity like the Nicene Creed does (see But when we invent a new definition for a word, then read that definition back into Scripture, we are changing Scripture. It seems like that would matter to most of us.

"Helpmeet" is even more minor than "Godhead," but it is a bigger grammatical disaster. In the KJV, Eve was a "help meet" for Adam, two words.

"Meet" meant suitable in King James English. So Eve was a help suitable for Adam. We have invented two modern words from that phrase. We have invented "helpmeet," which no one really knows what it means, and "helpmate," which means the same thing as just "mate." Eve was a help suitable for Adam, not a helpmeet or a helpmate.

Grace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to you, and please do email me if you are interested in a conference. It would probably be late summer or fall and in the United States, centrally located and at an airline hub.

Paul Pavao

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