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Decoding Nicea Becomes an Audiobook!
January 25, 2017

Decoding Nicea is now an audiobook!

For those of you who don't know, Decoding Nicea is a book I wrote to defend the true history of the Council of Nicea from the myths thrown around in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. It is very thorough, it introduces you to the ancient sources that allow us to know the Council of Nicea's history at all. Using those sources, it tells you the whole story, giving you enough history to understand the issues addressed at Nicea, tells you the story leading up to the council, then describes the 58-year battle afterward. It lets you see the consequences and effects of the Council of Nicea as the story is told.

In the book, I then spend nine chapters discussing questions prompted by the Council of Nicea as far as its influence on today. I discuss gnosticism, Roman Catholicism, Constantine, and I delve deeply into the doctrine of the Trinity as it was discussed at Nicea.

Those last nine chapters did not transfer well to audiobook because they are thorough, indepth examinations of theological subjects, and they are filled with quotes. As a result the audiobook is rewritten for better listening, and it only tells the story, while addressing only a few issues, especially the Trinity, that the story forces to the surface.

Because those last nine in-depth chapters and the original material contained in the appendices are not in the audiobook, we are providing them free at can read them there, and you can enjoy the background and story in the audiobook. When you're done, you will know exactly what happened at the council and how we know.

The audiobook can be obtained at

Thank you,

Paul Pavao

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