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March 11, 2013

Hello Everyone,

As my strength returns (from my bout with acute leukemia), I am having more time to pursue new avenues for and for those interested in Christian history, especially early Christian history.

I get a lot of emails asking about specific things I've covered (or not covered) on Up to now, each of my responses has been limited to one person, the person who emailed me.

I have had a Facebook page for some time that has been ignored due to the fact that I had no time for it. Since I now have both more time and some help, I have added a Yahoo Group as well.

Either venue will allow you to ask questions, make comments, give testimonies, or express ideas. Those venues also allow me to give answers to questions that are more public. If one person has questions, it is likely that others have the same ones.

So, the Facebook page can be found at:

The Yahoo groups page can be found at:

The first question I provided for everyone at the Yahoo group is: "Is there one insight that you have gotten from exposure to the writings of the second and third century Christians that you would call the most important issue you learned from them?"

Finally, there is one more announcement. Last year we added "Reftagger," which allows you to mouse over Scripture references given on the site and read the verses right there in that window. Over the last few weeks, we have also added links on all our quote pages directly to the original writings they were quoted from. This is only true for the first four centuries of the church, since those writings are all collected in one place.

Thank you again for all your prayers. I am doing much better.

SNEAK PREVIEW: Our next project is a contest in which we will offer to publish, on a print-on-demand basis, the best of the submissions we receive. We will also publicize the booklet or book on (which receives over 1,000 visits/day). Stay tuned for when the submissions will open up.

Paul Pavao Webmaster, Author, In the Beginning Was the Logos

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