The Sales Dinner

So you've been invited to an free dinner and seminar, huh?

Congratulations. They're slick. You'll learn some things, too. Just enough to be sucked into a dream that is virtually impossible to make work.

At the seminar I attended, 42 out of 45 people signed up for some web sites at an initial cost of $5,998 (total) … plus $29.95 per month per web site.

Fortunately, I wasn't one of them.

Let me outline this page for you:

  • The general ideas from are good
  • is not doing anything illegal, just overselling a product with just enough defects that it cannot work for you unless you already own a relatively successful store in the real world.
  • Their tools are good; possibly very good. But every one of their tools can be obtained for free elsewhere.
  • They are nice at first, but high pressure and even insulting when you turn them down.'s General Ideas are Good

The way you make money on the internet is to get traffic to your web site. It's a rare web site that gets good traffic.

The means to produce traffic is to do keyword research, then make pages based on those keywords.

So why not do that with

Reason 1: The Price

At your first seminar, will try to sell you their basic package at $24.95/month plus nothing. They will tell you that is all some people need.

At your second seminar, they will tell you that you're stupid and won't succeed if you stick with their basic package.

They will offer you some very reasonable price to go to their second seminar, which will be all day long on a Saturday. My wife and I went for $38. Not bad.

About five salesmen were there along with the main speaker. The speakers were so good at what they did that after two hours, almost every person there raised their hand to say they would buy the package for almost six thousand dollars!

Reason 2: It Won't Work

A. You Won't Get Traffic

The method they explain is correct. Build web pages based on specific keywords, researched in advance for their popularity.

It won't work for you.

What they don't tell you is that this keyword research idea will only work if you make at least 100 pages.

Nowadays that is what's referred to as "The Long Tail." A very popular blog by a guy that used to work for Google explains that the long tail is the only way you'll make a web site prosper. won't tell you that you'll have to make hundreds of web pages.

B.'s Monetization Plan Won't Work

If you have you own real world store, this part may not be true. You already have a way to sell product, and if it's the right kind of product at the right price sold the right way, you may be able to sell it online.

If you don't have a store, you're sunk.'s plan to use drop shippers will never work. A former leading drop ship industry expert wrote:

People using drop shipping services end up complaining that they can find the product for less money retail.

You're not going to sell for less than WalMart, and WalMart and numerous other places will be selling the same items drop shippers are selling. You're not going to make any money drop shipping.

Reason 3: Everything's Cheaper Elsewhere

At the second seminar is going to show you all the research tools you can get if you upgrade to Stores Online Pro for $5,998.

The tools are great. They're just not worth $5,998 or anything close to that. And they won't show you how to use them.

I wisely brought a laptop to the seminar I attended, and every time they announced a tool I looked it up on the internet. I could get almost everything they offer for free. Some of it I found at Google, but had the most free tools.

But even will only give you so much help using those tools. So …

Reason 4: The Competition Stomps

SiteBuildIt! Testimonies

SiteBuildIt! is the only web hosts that provides ongoing studies of people who "made it." 65% of their sites—that's 2/3 of their customers—are in the top 3% of all web sites in traffic.

Half of those are in the top one percent.

New testimonials are provided on a regular basis.

Who's the competition?


Why are they better?

Because they're cheaper, their tools are better (and free, a $5,998.00 savings!), and they teach you how to use them.

No, better than that. I've heard more than one person, including myself, refer to it as holding our hand through the whole process!

My Advice?

Do you want my advice? I'm just a person like you who's hoping to create a business online. I went to the seminar. I was one of only 3 people—6% of the audience—that didn't spend $5,998 plus $29.95/month to have a web site at

Thank God!

I'm with SiteBuildIt!. I get my tools for free, and much of the search engine optimization—essential to web site success today—is automated for me. All free. I pay just for the web site.

Is it working? Here's my unique visitors since I started my web site in February:

This page is outdated. I'm only using it now to explain the ripoff that is. But, you can compare these 2009 and 2010 numbers below with my current page on what's possible with SBI! Traffic's increased dramatically!

October Update

August finished with 2451 unique visitors who looked at 8443 pages. (That's over 100,000 visitors per year!)

September? 3317 unique visitors and 11015 pages.

How does that compare to October? 367 pages a day average for September. October's at 467 so far.

Thank you, SiteBuildIt!

The August total is through Aug. 11 only.

months traffic

And an update from March 22, 2010 ...

The March total is through Mar. 22 only.

months traffic


I'm thrilled, but SBIers with more popular topics than Christian history do significantly better. For example, a home school site reached 3200 visitors in her 5th month, almost 3 times what I did. She's now ranked 540,855th of all sites on the internet. That means she's in the top 0.5% of all web sites in traffic.


It's common for SBI sites to succeed. 35% of their sites are in the top 1%. But, hey, don't lean on me. You look for yourself and see if this is not everything I've said it is.

If you're searching, then SiteBuildIt! is a lot better place to search than

That is, if you want to succeed.

Oh, Making Money!

If drop shipping doesn't work, what does?

I'll let SBI! explain it to you.


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