Site Progress

January 6, 2010

Boy, I would love to have more time. I keep praying to God that he'd add an extra two hours to each day, but it doesn't seem to be working.

I added an faq page on the judgment. Really, it's more about encouraging you to believe that those with faith in Christ can live holy. They will find Christ's yoke easy and his burden light.

I had to stop this morning to talk with some young men about the judgment, salvation, and my recent blog post on the Gospel.Otherwise, I intended to write more, but it seemed better for us to spend time encouraging one another this morning.

I'd also like to add some great sunset pictures I took to this page and some of the others, including the faq pages, but, alas, time is in the way. Maybe I can teach my secretary to do that today! Pray for me that I learn how to delegate!

January 4, 2010

Happy New Year to you all!

I added a page on the Gospel that I think is very clear. It's always hard to address the atonement and the Gospel from a historical viewpoint—no matter how Scriptural it is—because it really rattles the theological world of most Protestants.

Nonetheless, since it's Biblical, since it's powerful, and since God anathematizes those who preach a false gospel, the errors are worth correcting. God was slandered today while Christians praised the false gospel that slandered him. This page corrects it, pointing you to Scripture and to the historic Christian faith.

December 28, 2009

I added an incredible section of William Law's A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life, published in 1729. I call it Penitens, and I highly recommend you read it.

A couple days ago I added Missionary advice from Steve Saint, the son of Nate Saint, who was martyred by the Auca indians in Ecuador about 50 years ago with Jim Elliott.

December 21, 2009

I updated the John Calvin page a bit, but not significantly enough to want to link it in this update. Also, I actually loaded the FAQ page on oral tradition, which I forgot to upload last time. I updated several quote pages, and I added a John Calvin quotes page, as well as one on teaching.

Mostly I read a lot more about John Calvin. I've been reading a lot of quotes gathered up by Philip Schaff concerning what Calvin and Luther believed about the church and about their right to leave the Roman Catholic church. It's been pretty fascinating. Most of that is addressed on their respective pages.

December 17, 2009 (2nd time)

I added in a new FAQ page on oral tradition. It's pretty similar to the blog post I reference earlier today. I'm really trying to get across the idea of the local church vs. hierarchical churches.

One of the better things in the blog post is the point that even Protestant translators of Tertullian's Prescription Against Heretics give a subtitle to chapter 21 that say Tertullian believes that all doctrine is true if it comes through "the church" from the apostles. Tertullian uses the word "church" five times in that chapter, but it's always in the plural: "churches." Despite being Protestants, the translators of The Ante-Nicene Fathers didn't notice.

December 17, 2009

I wrote a blog on the church as the pillar and support of the truth, and I liked it enough to make it a link on this site.

I need to add a couple of quotes that I used on that page to the unity quotes page and to the quotes on the church. I think there's at least one that needs to go on the apostolic tradition quotes page that isn't there yet.

I have my work cut out for me. I turned another blog into an faq page, and I have to get that one up. I also have to change the cover on my first ebook because Jeremiah Briggs painted one for me. His paintings are really incredible if you haven't seen them. I'm also still trying to finish the John Calvin page.

In the midst of that, I'm forsaking a co-worker whose waiting for my help on the Rose Creek Village site. I'll have to help him tomorrow. Give us two weeks, we're going to have the RCV site up greatly improved. I think the hold up is me writing a couple pages.

This weekend I'm going to visit a fledgling church in Marrietta, GA. I don't know what it's like. I've had interest for a while in seeing what they are doing. I am always excited about the saints joining themselves to one another. It's not what they believe, outside of the basics of the faith, but what their faith produces that matters to me. Jesus Christ will be glorified in any people who obey him together.

December 13, 2009

There's nothing accurate about the fact that I've put nothing on this page since October 27. At the very least, I expand the quotes section at least every week.

It has been difficult finding time lately, though I've put at least 12 hours so far into the John Calvin page, even though I'm not done with it. I'm missing the most well-known part, the last 23 years at Geneva, but his influence on the Reformation and later history is well-covered already.

There's a page on his correspondence with Cardinal Sadolet as well. That's really good. It put the Reformation in better perspective for me, and I've been reading and talking about it with people for the entire time I've been a Christian; and I mean indepth discussions with knowledgeable people. Calvin's defense of the Reformation is just excellent. Simple as that.

To be honest, I don't remember what I put up in November. I'm not the greatest record-keeper.

Not the second or third-greatest, either. Sigh …

However, since I haven't "filed" the Great Commission and the Apostle's Creed, I'd say those went up in November.

I haven't kept my site map up to date, either. Gosh, I hate keeping that up to date. Soon, though, very soon …

I'm also redoing my History of the Bible page. I'm not linking it right now because I don't want you to go there. It's sloppy. I have real good ideas for fixing it and telling you better what I really think you want to know.

October 27, 2009

I added a martyr story that's meant to help explain why Christians were persecuted by Roman Catholics in medieval times and to explain a little of the situation in the 16th century. I've continued to add quotes as well.

There's also a section of Martin Luther quotes that went up when I did the Martin Luther page.

Have you ever thought about building your own web site?

   What Ken Evoy says below is true.

  • Old way – I studied web traffic, and I even spent money three or four times on tools, and doubled my old site's traffic from 200 visits per month to 400 in three months.
  • New way – When I "came home" to Sitesell I got over 400 visits my second month, and I'll have over 4,000 this month (not total, just this one month!), seven months later.

   Thank you, Sitesell!

October 20, 2009

I've been hard at work this weekend. I added an apologetics section, and it has a page on the historic Christian faith, made from my last newsletter.

I also added dozens of quotes and something like ten more subjects to the quotes section.

October 18, 2009

I added a page on the Diet of Worms, which has nothing to do with losing wait or slimy, wiggly creatures from the dirt, and the Donation of Constantine, which the Diet of Worms has a little to do with.

October 17, 2009

I spent hours and hours on this new Martin Luther page. I hope you enjoy it. It's so long I'm going to make a .pdf file of it as soon as I have time.

October 4, 2009

I put up a new faq page on the Sunday Sabbath. I've also been adding a lot of quotes to the Christian quotes section.

September 29, 2009

I added several pages on individual early Christians. Ignatius and Polycarp were already up, but the rest are new.

September 20, 2009

I added a page to the faq section on infant baptism. I finally got started on the Martin Luther page. It is difficult to do enough research to feel like I can write it well. I've been reading some of his sermons for weeks now, but Martin Luther was a complicated individual with a lot of stages in his 62-year-long life.

That page is coming soon.

September 14, 2009

It's been a while since I've put anything new up. I'm posting this just to let you know I'm still here. It's been very busy between work and home (and the Proof of Evolution site).

Sunset over Rose Creek, TN

So this is just a reminder there's still content coming, the next pages most likely being about Martin Luther, and an opportunity to share one of my most recent sunset pictures. I love sunbeams shining around clouds!

September 5, 2009

I got a picture of some paintings by Jeremiah Briggs, that are used on the page I just linked (with permission). You have got to see those.

While I was added, I uploaded a story I wrote a decade ago after a particularly interesting visit to a local Bible study.I hope you like it. Keep in mind it's based on the true events of that Bible study, though the story is all figurative, of course.

September 3, 2009

Added pages on indulgences and John Tetzel, the most famous salesman of indulgences.

August 26, 2009

I added a feedback page! I really like some of the letters on it, especially the fiery one from the Catholic guy, which I also have hanging in my office.

August 25, 2009

I finally finished the Overview of Christian History section by adding the Modern Christianity page.

August 14, 2009

Should Christians Tithe? is now on the FAQ page. I updated the quote pages on giving and holiness as well.

August 12, 2009

I put up a page on the angels of the churches in the book of Revelation. I also put up a page on parenting advice.

I've done some other things, too; added quotes, fixed some pages, etc., but I didn't notate any of it on this page.

I did go to Yosemite! So here's a couple pictures. What a reminder that there's more to life than crunching numbers and doing business!

The little white specks are the shorts of my 2nd and 3rd sons, Noah and Caleb.

Noah and Caleb climbing at Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite National Park

Near Bridal Veil Falls; beautiful, isn't it?

Yosemite National Park near Bridal Veil Falls

August 1, 2009

My, how time flies! This site has been up for six months now! Thank you to all of you who have kept it growing and making this worth doing. I hope it's being a blessing to you.

I put up a FAQ section with an answer on gnosticism and on bible translations. Did I ever tell you I also put up a page on Bible translations?

I've been working on an ebook on grace and the Gospel. It's written and edited, though it needs a 2nd ebook on how to preach the Gospel. I just have to format it in pdf, and then I'll figure out how to make it available to y'all.

July 21, 2009

I have been completely revamping the History of Christianity section the last few days. I still need to add the overview page for modern Christianity, but six pages have been put up covering from the time of Jesus to the Reformation.

This section is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the history of Christianity in general. I have purposely made it so that the whole section can be read in under an hour. I'm halfway certain all its pages can be read in about half an hour.

July 11, 2009

I've been busily working on this site, and once again I have not kept you updated.

I really like the page that I put up. I'm also slaving over the overview section, but it's not going to be done for a while.

This time, though, I'm going to really like that section.

I added a bunch of quotes, especially to the Law of Moses and the Word of God. Those aren't the only pages with added quotes, though.

I also added a FAQ section today. It's only got one question, though, which has only been asked once. I liked the answer, though, so I got it up.

I'll search my emails for other answers I've given and add those, but that will take at least a week, maybe more.

July 3, 2009

I added Luther's 95 Theses, which includes an explanation of why they're important. They started the reformation!

I also added the life story of Michael Sattler. It includes his martyrdom, and it's awesome.

I also changed some of the site over to the new 3-column format. It's entirely possible I made some stupid mistakes along the way. Please let me know if you find something!

The Evolution and Creation site is progressing remarkably well. I guess I had more to say than I thought I did. I love writing on that subject.

For the record, I think Christians are making a big mistake for dividing over science and evolution issues. I am completely comfortable with those that say, "Genesis says 6 literal days, so that's what I believe."

It's the people who are dishonest with the evidence while accusing scientists of conspiracy that I have the problem with.

I wrote that site for people who are struggling with the science issue. Christians are going to have to get in touch with reality on the evolution issue because it's not going away, and the evidence for evolution—just like the evidence for the earth going around the sun—is going to win in the end.

June 28, 2009

Okay, I've been doing stuff and forgetting to tell you about it.

I took this picture at
Nakuru park in Kenya.
These capuchin monkeys were everywhere!

capuchin monkeys

Today, after I found out yesterday that The Gospel of Thomas is quoted in 2 Clement, I added another page addressing the implications of that citation.

I've also rounded out a couple of the quote pages, especially the one on the history of the Bible.

You may also have noticed that I'm switching over to a 3-column format. It gives me a lot more flexibility, though I'm not using it much right now.

Oh, and I'm starting a web site on evolution and creation. I'm kind of excited about it. Don't expect too much if you go there right now. It's got a home page and a purpose page with a couple pictures I took. That's it.

June 21, 2009

I realized that I have an edited, abridged version of Minucius' Felix's The Octavius just sitting on my hard drive. My son and I performed it at last year's Community Conference for my "The Second Hundred Years" seminar.

So I put it up for you to read.

If you're going to read anything on this site, this condensed version of The Octavius is a don't miss page. I have some introduction and an explanation of the changes I made, but otherwise it's all pure 1800-year-old content, and some of the best and most interesting available.

Christian History magazine once put out a video that included a re-enactment of The Octavius, changed in much the same way I've changed it, but there's was dishonest. They didn't like one of his answers, so they changed it.

Boy, that made me mad. I couldn't believe it.

They changed the answer Octavius gives to the accusation that Christians think they're more righteous than the Romans. I left it the same.

Sorry, no sneak peeks. You have to go read it yourself.

June 17, 2009

I finished that page on gnostic doctrines. I really enjoyed writing it. I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

Sunrise in the woods at Rose Creek Village
I took this photo

Sunrise in the woods at Rose Creek Village

At some point I'm going to write a page against the alternative, fake history that's been made up by Dan Brown of The Da Vinci Code and the sources he uses, people like Elaine Pagels.

That's not for right now, however. That's for later.

June 16, 2009

I added a little ramble called What's Wrong with This Site?.

As you may notice, I'm updating the look of the site a bit, too. I hope it's okay because I can't really change back. This is too convenient.

I have a 3rd column available to use on the right. I have about 50 pixels more space in the middle. Above all, I have a lot more control over my navbar, which would spiral out of control about once a month, doing whatever it wanted to do.

Anyway, I started a page on gnostic beliefs to round out the gnosticism section a bit, but it will have to be finished tomorrow. I'm too tired tonight.

Traffic's been great the last week. Thanks to all of you!

I can improve the look a bit if I'm messing up anything specific. My friends tell me I'm aesthetically-challenged. I know a good picture when I see one, though, and I'll at least get another one up the next time I update this page.

June 11, 2009

I haven't added anything for a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. I've been rewriting the page on the general history of Christianity, which is now about 70% done. I've spent hours on that already.

It's hard to write the entire history of Christianity on one web page!

I took a break, however, and added a review of a couple gnostic works, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Pistis Sophia. As usual, I've also added a few quotes, though not as many as previous weeks.

We got to go camping last weekend.
These are some of the kids, 3 of which are mine.
camping with the kids

June 2, 2009 (2nd post)

I added the martyrdom of James the Just, the Lord's brother to the Christian Martyrs section.

June 2, 2009

I added my favorite story about the apostle John. I'm kind of excited about that page because I like the story so much, so I hope you like it.

Hey, if any of y'all (I'm from Tennessee) find misspellings, typos, grammar errors, or if a page just needs to be rewritten, please tell me! Last week I wrote the Gospel of Thomas page while I was tired. I'd have never noticed how boring it was if a friend hadn't told me.

I rewrote that page; it's not boring anymore.

I don't usually use a spell checker. I'll probably have to repent on judgment day for my inflated opinion of my spelling ability. So please, feel free to catch me being sloppy. I really, really appreciate it.

May 28, 2009

Sunset over my house at
Rose Creek Village
Sunset over my house at Rose Creek Village

I added a page on gnosticism in general. I also updated several of the quotes pages, as is typical week by week.

May 22, 2009; Evening

I found time this evening to get a page up on the Gospel of Thomas.

May 22, 2009

I updated (lots of changes) Apostolic Tradition. I think it's challenging; I hope you do, too.

I've been doing a lot of reading the last week. I've done a lot of research on apostolic tradition, apostolic succession, and the rule of faith in preparation for writing my page on the rule of faith. I haven't written it yet, and I ended up updating Apostolic Tradition instead.

However, the result was that I also added a lot of quotes on those three subjects. Of course, I update the quotes section here and there as I'm reading, anyway.

Real busy, gotta go. However, I got good reviews on the Law of Moses and the Christian, so if you haven't seen that yet, you ought to.

May 15, 2009

I added a page on the Sabbath, as well as a couple corollary pages that go with it. You'll find the links to those on the Sabbath page.

I've still been working on the quotes, too, and there's a few more every week.

The Early Church History Newsletter is due out in about ten days. Don't forget to sign up if you haven't!

May 11, 2009

A particularly glorious sunset in Selmer, Tn
Glorious sunset outside Selmer

I got the page done on the Law of Moses. The Sabbath page should follow soon.

May 10, 2009

I'm working today on pages on the Law and the Sabbath. I spent some time collecting quotes on the rule of faith the last couple days. I'm going to write a page on the rule of faith after the Law page.

I am continuing to expand the quote section (button to the left). It's finally starting to flesh out, but it will be growing for a long time.

Thank you to Jason Fitzpatrick, missionary to Mexico, for sending me some corrections. What he's doing down there is a wonderful thing.

May 7, 2009

Whew! That page on the fall of Rome and the Antichrist took far longer than I imagined. It was very difficult to get out. I'm not sure what the problem was.

Well, it's up now. I'll try to keep pages coming over the next few days.

I've gotten some encouraging emails from some of you. Thank you! The "contact me" button to the left is the way to do that.

Don't forget you can sign up for the monthly Early Church History Newsletter!

May 5, 2009

I've had no internet for a few days due to circumstances beyond my control.

I have been working on the site. I got up quite a few more quotes in Christian Quotes section.

What I've spent hours on is a page on Theophilus' prediction of the fall of Rome, which I mention on the home page. As soon as I can get some open time to work on it, I think I can finish it. It's such a interesting subject, but it's so hard to write about in an interesting way.

April 27

I've been working on the Christian Quotes section. What a project! There's got to be over a hundred quotes by now, but each subject still seems scanty. I did purposely build up the Water Baptism quotes because I ran across an interesting section in Tertullian's De Corona. That prompted me to go get the extensive comments in The Didache and Justin's First Apology.

April 25

Okay, it's been a few days since I wrote anything here, but I think I did well. I worked my tail off today, and I got the Roman Catholicism section off to a running start. On that page, you'll find links to Purgatory, spiritual descent, and rival popes in France and Italy, known as the Western Great Schism.

Woods on Rose Creek Village land
Woods on Rose Creek Village land

I'm working on a 7-day e-course that covers Christian history era by era, but it's only half done. It will take at least a week to complete, perhaps longer.

Please consider signing up for my Early Church History Newsletter. It's free; it's interesting; and it comes right to your inbox once a month.

April 21

I got out a newsletter today that took me a couple days to write. If you haven't signed up for it yet, you can do that at

I took a couple nature pictures, too, that I'd like to add to this page or the front page. Stay tuned, I have a lot of pages in the works, and I add quotes to the Christian Quotes section almost every day. I don't add a lot, but between two and six every day or two, so they keep coming!

My secretary told me she typed in a number of quotes, so I'll copy them onto my .html pages tomorrow or the day after.

April 16

It's been busy with tax season coming to an end, so I completely missed loading Orthodox Christianity: The Truth of the Gospel. I don't even remember what day I wrote that on, but I only loaded it this morning.

I'm working on one of my favorite martyr stories. I hope to load that one by tomorrow. It's pretty long, but it's well worth it. Every part of the story is interesting.

Hooray, I loaded it tonight! It's called The Martyrdom of Hans Brael. It's long, but it's really good.

X marks the spot! Sunrise on my way to work.

April 12

Added quotes to the Christian Quotes section.

April 10

I updated the Nicene Era section. I included another horrifying story from the era right after Nicea.

April 7

Okay, the weekend in Atlanta was fun. I got to spend some time with some brothers and sisters that are living together in the suburbs there, trying to move into the same neighborhood and living multiple adults to a house. They're awesome.

It's so hard to keep up with all I want to do!

Today I'm working on the Perpetua and Felicitas story. That's a late 2nd or early 3rd century martyr story, told by Perpetua herself, a wealthy matron who gave her life for Christ.

I'm updating the language from the story found in The Ante-Nicene Fathers.

Okay, done with it. That's a long, but awe-inspiring story. Every chapter, to be honest, simply shames us American Christians. I don't know that we're really worthy to read The Passion of the Holy Martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas.

I love sunrises and sunsets. This is a sunset near Selmer, Tn.

I added some Christian quotes both over the weekend and yesterday. I think I uploaded all the ones I added. I'm trying to stay on that.

My wife, Hannah, with our dog, Sam
Hannah and Sam

I also am going to try to update some pages that I can tell from my traffic stats that people don't like too much. Chances are they're too long, and they may not be to the point enough or have enough stories.

I also did some site-wide changes so that it would be easier to upload changes and additions.

I hope this is blessing y'all!

April 3

Oops, I haven't kept y'all up to date!

Yesterday I put up Not by Faith Alone, which is a discussion of Romans 3:28 and James 2:24, verses that Martin Luther said contradict. I linked that from the home page.

I did some other stuff since March 31, but I don't remember what! I added a couple quotes, but I don't think I've put those up on the web yet. I want to add a few more before I upload them.

I remember now. I added some links to friends and my other sites on the My Stuff page. I also added a comment there with a link to the Orthodox Church page.

I don't think I told you when I originally put up the page on the Orthodox Church. If you don't know anything about them, their history is fascinating, and that page is brief and to the point.

Don't forget to sign up for my Early Church History Newsletter if you haven't done that. It comes out just once a month, and it's three weeks till the next one.

Also, I'm thinking about doing a bookstore on here in order to recommend books on church history, some original writings of the church, and also some of my favorite books—which particularly includes those by Watchman Nee. Please us the "Contact Me" button on any of my pages to tell me if you're interested in such a thing.

Also use that Contact Me button to tell me if there's anything you want me to get up quickly or to tell me any improvements I can make.

That "Contact Me" button lets me know people are reading this, so I appreciate comments!

Added Note:

I'm going to my high school graduation in Atlanta this weekend. I don't know if that will give me plenty of time to work on the site or none at all.

I graduated from Kaiserslautern American High School in Germany. So this reunion is not just for my class of '79, but for all classes.

It's been 30 years since I graduated!!! Now I have two sons who have graduated as well! I have no idea whether I'll know anyone there at all.

There were 402 in my graduating class, almost all military brats. So they're spread all over the United States (and probably the world).

If I hear from you on suggestions for what pages to build next, I'll go that direction. Otherwise, Martin Luther—who will take several pages to cover—and adding quotes to the Christian Quotes page will be next.

Have a nice weekend!

March 31

I broke up the Trinity page into several pages so it's much more readable. That meant I got to edit and polish it some, too. You don't want to know how long it took me.

I'm trying to get some more work done on the quotes pages. I added several quotes, but just several. Stay tuned as we get time later in the week.

March 28

I added several pages today, mostly on the Bible and the Orthodox Church. Believe it or not, those are two related subjects!

It created lots of room for more content! It's the "creates more questions than it answers" kind of thing.

The Bible History page is the most important one I created. There's also The Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah, a Roman Catholic page, still being worked on but with links, and an Orthodox Church page.

March 23

I put up an About Me page. It's got some great pictures of my children, a couple of whom aren't children any more. It also gives my questionable qualifications for writing this site :-).

Someone asked for information about me, and I realized I didn't have any on the site, even with a My Story page. The My Story page is all stories, not "just the facts."

March 21

I expanded the Early Christianity section, breaking it up into smaller pages and adding a couple pages that it links to.

March 19

I added pages very early this morning, which equaled late last night. Now it's afternoon, and I added a page on quotes with just a few quotes (but more coming). I also added an explanation of bishops, elders, and deacons in early Christianity. Enjoy!

I'm up very late at night—it was March 18 when I started—getting up a lot of content.

First I updated The Evangelicals and made it a section. Then I put up two video series, one on Who Was the First Pope and one on Apostolic Succession.

March 17

I started on my "the Church" pages with The Church and the Purpose of God.

March 16

I've been busy. This is a long gap for me. Some of the delay was getting some feedback on the site so I knew better how to proceed.

I put up a page on dragons in heaven, linked it from the home page, and put up an accompanying rant about honest Bible translation.

I also put some links on the My Stuff page.

March 11

I added a blog to this site and put my first post up. It's on why I'm doing a Christian history site.

Also added a small page about Arius and Alexander's role in the Council of Nicea. It serves as a blog page for now, too.

March 10

Edited the Trinity page. I put up the text to the Athanasian Creed and Nicene Creed.

I think it was also today that I put up Pliny the Younger's Epistle to Trajan. That's a neat (and sad, in one respect) description of Christianity very early on.

I also set up the site for an e-zine so I can go back to doing the Early Church Newsletter. Honestly, though, I haven't figured out how to give you a link so you can sign up! Sad.

March 8

I started the Christian martyrs section with an introduction page and links to a letter by Marcus Aurelius and Felix Manz' martyrdom story

March 7

I updated the Trinity page with a table of contents.

I also uploaded a page with an interesting side note. That page can only be reached from the Trinity page, or it won't make any sense.

March 6

I finally finished writing the page on the Trinity. I just put it all up, even though it's mostly unedited.

I believe it's the most thorough coverage of the historic doctrine of the Trinity on the web.

I put the editing on my to do list.

March 5

I finished up the Doctrine page.

Sigh, hopefully I'll get to finish that Trinity page later. It came along really well yesterday.

March 4

I had to do real work all day long, and a lot of it. I did get to work on the Trinity page for another half hour. It's getting close to having the rough draft done.

I also exchanged emails with Dr. Michael McMullen of Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary. He's a history professor, originally from England. He used to own this web address, but he got busy and let it lapse, so it passed on to me.

I was very excited about that, and I asked him to review the site, which he said he would. He may be very busy, but if it's really able to happen, I'll be honored. He's the author of God's Polished Arrow and several other books.

March 3

I had to fix our washing machine this morning as well as get some work done. I have meetings this afternoon and this evening. I spent about 45 minutes on the Trinity page, but the new part isn't ready to be added.

Have I mentioned I have six children? Two are grown and working full-time, but that leaves four for me to spend time with and help with school work. I also have a Bible study to teach tonight.

Lord help me!

No, Lord help my wife and children!

March 2

Edited Post-Apostolic Era/Early Christianity page and put it up.

Put up the Trinity page without working further on it. I think it has content worth posting already.

Meetings tonight; I probably won't get anything else up. I did put a long post on honest Bible interpretation and eternal security on my main blog.

March 1

Worked on Trinity page for two hours, but didn't put anything up.

February 28

I put up this page!

February 27

Put up Diocletian and the Great Persecution.

Put up Contact Me page. I'm requesting input on corrections, suggestions, and what new pages to make a priority!

I also started editing Early Christianity. I didn't finish, so I didn't update the page.

Downloaded public domain images pertinent to Christian History. I'm a creative writer, no designer. It was difficult figuring out what images can spruce up a Christian history page. I found some good ones, though.

February 26

Wrote significant content for The History of the Trinity, but didn't finish or put it up. Don't click this link till probably the March 2.

February 19-25

I started this page on Feb. 28, so all I remember is that I put up everything else this first week. Some pages are only partially finished. The other pages and their status are:

Even the pages that say "finished" may be subject to edit in the future and will likely have images added to improve the ambience (I love that word).

Also, many pages will need links added as new pages go up that can be linked to.


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