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My online Christian bookstore begins with books that I have written or published for the benefit of my readers. If you have understood the pages on this site and been encouraged by them, then you will find that the books I've written both clear and trustworthy, laying a solid foundation for your growth in understanding of your legacy in the church of Jesus Christ.

  • In the Beginning Was the Logos: What's the real truth about the Council of Nicea? Can Da Vinci Code's sources be trusted?
  • The Apostles' Gospel: This is a simple examination of what the apostles preached to the lost in Acts. The results are surprising, especially when compared with the Gospel we evangelicals preach today.
  • Forgotten Gospel: This book by Matthew Bryan is a much more thorough examination of the Gospel preached by Jesus and the apostles. One of the most enlightening books you will ever read; grounded in both Scripture and history.
  • Free Download!! How to Make a Church Fail: What happened to the church we read about in Acts? How did it become what we see today? An answer from the devil's viewpoint.

The first page below is my recommended starter package for church history. Simply hit the links to the right to see other categories that I have set up to make your searching simpler.

This store is powered by Amazon, so you get Amazon prices and service. If you want a book that is not on my list, just hit the checkout button, which will send you to a new window on Amazon's site (and won't charge you anything).

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