Kenya Safari:
My Trip to a Primitive Maasai Village

Our Kenya safari begins with a story too long to tell here. The story of how we met Joseph Koyei, cultural ambassador of the Maasai people, is not so long.

Nathanael, my friend and brother at Rose Creek Village, was supposed to go to Kenya with Noah, the founder of Rose Creek Village in January of 2008. Widespread violence after the presidential election of Christmas, 2007 prevented his visit, however.

Shortly after, Nathanael's brother, living in Florida, saw a man walking down the street in a Kenya t-shirt. He told the man that his brother was trying to go to Kenya.

Amazingly, the man was Joseph Koyei, in Florida for a short visit.

Joseph was in the USA spreading knowledge about the Maasai people and seeking support for reforms in his homeland. He was excited to hear about a church in Tennessee that was interested in Kenya.

We were stunned and thrilled when he offered to come stay with us for a week.


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