It is a CHOICE!!

by Sreven R Eubanks
(Thomasville, NC)

There are many Ideas of today that are based on error. I enjoyed the book so far and just wanted to add an idea or two that you might could use. The Choice is real and important!!

The idea of flesh being evil, which lead to the idea of total depravity, is an error that goes back to Greek mythology. There were several groups in the early church that taught differing views of “All Flesh is Evil”. They were all condemned as heresy but have managed to hold a small place in later teachings which lead to error. Some Are Zoroastrian Dualism, Gnosticism, Manichean, Babylonian folklore, Buddhist ethics.

In creation our Sovereign God Created Man in His own Image, which is our Original Glory.
Sovereign means Because He wanted to!
In His own Image.
Thinking, The ability to reason, know, and understand.
Feeling, The function of emotion, hope, despair,
love, hate, courage, and fear.
Acting The Free Will of man to act on reason and
understanding, tempered by emotion, even at
times controlled by emotion. Man is
free to act within his own Choice to serve God
or not.
The image of God in man is Choice. Only Man, in all creation, has the Glory of God in the ability Think, Feel, Act, that is to freely make a choice.
Man was created in the image of God’s Glory with the ability to and right to Choose to serve God or not.
All To Often, this point is skipped or not known to those studding man and salvation. And here is the first major point of this study. Original glory of the image of God in Man is the base for the study of man.

Following the idea we just presented is the Question “How did man In Original Glory Become Sin?”
A question from the beginning of the Church is “
Who Created SIN?”
I will pose, and I pray defend ‘NO ONE”, God gave man a CHOICE and Man made the wrong one.
This choice marred the Original Glory. However man did not stop being in the image of God. He is still a Thinking Feeling Acting Person, there is still an element of relation to God in man.

So where did the all Flesh is evil come from? Even in some discussions to say all material world, matter itself, is Evil. The understanding of this point is important because it effects “The teaching of Total Depravity”, and The ability of a person to by their will and choice to accept God’s Grace.

Original Sin was not the act of man. Before the garden, Satan rose up to take the throne of God and eternal power. In fact Satan disobeyed both the will and intent of God, “To disobey GOD IS SIN.” The important point here to see is that there is in action no difference between Satan’s sin and man’s original sin, Both are an act of will to make a choice to disobey God. Still there is a great distance between “Disobey God” and “To be in every way Evil”. When bible teachers misread or blend ancient philosophy and religion with what they think the bible says, They come to a teaching like the all matter is evil. The problem is How could the Eternal Holy God create Evil? How Could The Holy Son of God be born of evil flesh? The answer to both Questions is “the premise is wrong.” God did not create evil and all flesh is not material evil. There are some ideas that are basic to logic. If there is good the absence of good is evil. There is a level of thought that comes from elemental concepts. God cannot be evil. The very meaning of evil is an elemental opposite of God. To say this another way some ideas are so basic they are the foundation of the discussion. Elemental Ideas are so basic they come from the character and nature of God Himself and were not created by God they ARE the basis of the discussion. Words and ideas have meaning, elemental ideas come from the foundation of reality, they just are. God is Holy, Love, Good. Did God create Holiness, Good, Love, Mercy, Justice? No, they are the attributes that describe who God is. The Opposite exist because opposite is elemental to the Idea. Ungodly is unholy, hate, evil. From the idea God could not create sin came the many other ideas trying to explain how sin came to be. It is simple, To Disobey GOD is SIN. Man made a choice to disobey God.

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