Christian Podcasts

These Christian podcasts speak for themselves. This is not run of the mill, traditional Christian teaching, but a clear call and a mapped out path to return to the radical and powerful faith of the apostles and their churches.

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Through the Bible Podcasts

I originally planned to just begin in Genesis and go forward like I'm doing for my kids' home schooling, but it didn't seem the best route. I'm currently working on Romans. Note that I'm not doing every verse but covering the passages that I think are the most important ... and that I'm confident I can teach accurately.

Theological Podcasts

My theological podcasts all have a practical purpose or I would never have made them. I don't teach theology for the sake of mere knowledge because I think that's dangerous, especially for us who are descendants of western societies. We almost worship logic and knowledge and have a remarkable overconfidence in the wisdom of man that God has said he will oppose.

Secret Church Podcasts

"Secret Church" is a concept pioneered by David Platt of the Church at Brook Hills, near Birmingham. Their web site describes Secret Church as:

Right now, around the world, millions of Christ-followers are meeting in secret places, worshiping in hiding, practicing their faith behind closed doors. If exposed, they face prison, torture, even death. Yet their devotion to God and His Word are unwavering, even heroic. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ. We must learn to take our God as seriously as they do.

In Nov. of 2012, I began something similar, but shorter and occurring more often. We meet at The Selmer Buzz on Friday nights, whenever possible. My health and general busy life means we don't meet every Friday night.

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